Maroc Telecom is the best brand in Morocco, according to Brand Finance

The telephone company has reached number thirteen in the top of the best brands named by the British magazine Brand Finance in the "Africa 150 of the Year 2021" report and is the best brand from Morocco


The British magazine Brand Finance has published a new report, dedicated to brands and financial companies in Africa, called 'Africa 150 of the Year 2021', where, for the first time, a company from Morocco enters the top of the best industries that exist on the continent. The brand in question is Maroc Telecom, a mobile phone company, which is ranked thirteenth in the report, with a brand value of around $761 million. In addition, it has also become Morocco's top-grossing business.

Last year, in the same document, the company was at number eighteen, so it has managed in just one year to reach five places on the list, thanks to the reliability of the services it offers and the fact that its broadband internet customer base has increased significantly during this period.  According to the report, the brand "was able to capitalise on the increased reliability of its services over the previous year and a half, while professional and social life was largely spent online, and managed to expand its customer base with a 10% increase in broadband users".


After Maroc Telecom, the next Moroccan company listed is Attijariwafa Bank, worth $409 million and holding the twenty-eighth spot in the ranking. Within this list, Morocco is the third largest company in Africa, occupying 10 places, representing 6% of the total value of the brand on the list. The first of the African countries to have the most companies is South Africa, with 81 businesses representing 73% of the ranking. Then, in second place is Nigeria, with 17 companies accounting for one of the 6% of the rank.

Maroc Telecom is a firm of mobile telephone operators that was born in 1998 and is today the most famous telephone company in the Maghreb country. The brand lists around 12,000 employees working and 8 regional delegations, with 220 offices throughout the country. In 2017, it was voted the best Moroccan telecommunications company in Africa, serving more than 50 million users. It was also the first to use 4G technology in its subsidiary in Gabon, called Gabon Telecom, and built the "Trans-Africa" cable that covers more than 5,300 km and also serves Burkina, Mauritania, and Mali.

The number one brand in this ranking is MNT, another South African telecommunications operator, based in Johannesburg. This business is the largest telephony firm in Africa and the eighth largest in the world to provide telephone and internet services. The company has managed to raise $2.71 billion this year.

The collateral effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have taken their toll on all companies. Brand Finance stated in the report that "Africa's largest economy suffered a four-decade deepest recession during the pandemic but has begun to grow". Businesses will have to find a return to normality to make up for the losses caused by the virus, and by the looks of it, they are already starting to recoup, slightly, the money lost over the past year.