Marrakech hosts the exhibition 'Chronique' of contemporary art

A hundred pieces will be exhibited as part of the cultural event 'EX. Contemporary Art'
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 -   The exhibition 'Chronicle' is resolutely committed to the promotion and encouragement of creation in Morocco, the organisers stress in a statement, adding that the main objective of this initiative is to "support Moroccan creation in this difficult period"

The opening of 'Chronique', the first in a long series of exhibitions scheduled as part of the cultural event 'EX. Contemporary Art', will take place at the Palmeraie Rotana Resort in Marrakech. The fourth most populous city in Morocco is home to the Medina of Marrakech, declared a World Heritage Site and is undoubtedly a city where culture occupies a prominent place.  

Led by Thierry Garcia, the presentation will be available from January 22 to February 28. This exhibition also aims to promote and encourage local art. Therefore, it will offer works of contemporary plastic arts, as well as works of all generations of Moroccan artists.

Although for this inaugural edition of 'EX. Contemporary Art', the organizers will exhibit a selection of around one hundred pieces. Among the artists on display will be Aïcha Aherdane, Said Qodaid, Wafaâ Mezouar, Abdelkrim Belamine, Maria Kermadi, Fouad Chardoudi, Ahmed Elamine, Noureddine Fathy, Nima Rozart, Rachid Zizi, Khalid Benkaroum, Karim Tabit, Najlaa Lahbibi and Ahmed.  

Two other important artists will also be present: Hassan Kouhen, as guest of honor, and the well-known sculptor Alain Gérez

The aim of the exhibition is to promote Moroccan art, taking into account the crisis in which the cultural sector has plunged following the COVID-19.  

The event will be divided into three different themes. All of them will be hosted by the Palmeraie Rotana Resort hotel in Marrakech, but in different rooms of the complex. 

The inauguration will open with the creative introspection of the period COVID-19. Afterwards, the organization will offer a large gallery that will allow the visitor to glimpse from nearby the intimacy that each artist maintains with their own creative thoughts. This will end with a third and final session in which the sculptures of a promising artist will be presented, as reported by the organizers.