Morocco and Israel to hold a virtual forum on tourism

The event is called the "Morocco Israel Tourism Investment Summit" which will focus on mutual investment and growing relations between the two countries


Relations between Morocco and Israel continue to grow closer and closer. In order to increase this bond, the Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (SMIT), in addition to other organisations in the two countries involved in tourism, are working on holding a new forum to further foster bilateral relations. The Morocco Israel Toruism Investment Summit will be held on 22 March with the main objective of boosting mutual investment in the two nations through tourism.

"It is the first meeting between the two business, tourism and hotel investment communities, which aims to initiate fruitful partnerships to establish a business platform par excellence where countless projects can be proposed," SMIT said in a press release. 


Among others, Hospitality Insights, a company specialising in the tourism sector around the world, will co-manage this event with SMIT. Both the Moroccan and Israeli Ministries of Tourism will spearhead the event and will provide practical information, close contacts and other resources for companies wishing to do business in both the Alawite Kingdom and Israel.

The two governments also support the holding of this congress. This highlights the fact that economic relations between Morocco and Israel are at a key moment for their growth and strengthening. This means that investors are beginning to enter the two markets, and this is underlined by the various economic agreements that have been in place since the end of 2020 where the link between the nations was resumed.


The organisers of the meeting say that the meeting will have two main themes. The first will be about SMEs - small and medium-sized enterprises - and how they can be supported and helped to set up and start operating properly. The second topic will address the hotel investment situation and the vision that both Israel and Morocco have. Both countries have both beach areas, which is the most important for promoting tourism, as well as other types of escape routes such as rural tourism, mountain tourism, etc. However, it should be noted that the meeting will focus on the performance of the entire Mediterranean region.

It has also been confirmed that the seminar will be attended by several personalities from leading institutions in both Morocco and Israel. Among them, it has been announced that Fatima-Zahra Ammor, Moroccan Minister of Tourism, will speak about these investments. Imad Barraked, President of SMIT, and Hamid Bentahar, President of CNT, the National Confederation of Tourism in Morocco, have also been confirmed to attend. In addition to these, both a delegation of Moroccan and Israeli businessmen, plus Israeli ministers and operators will take part in the event. 

All of them will try to show their investment on how to improve the situation to further encourage these investments, while confirming an increase in bilateral relations.


It is vitally important to start making tourism work in the two countries. It is one of the key sectors of the Moroccan and Israeli economies, and the two years of the pandemic have led to a drop in the number of tourists and, as a result, many businesses have closed and gone bankrupt. The coronavirus has marked a before and after, but despite this, the numbers are increasingly recovering and returning to normal.

This is particularly evident in Morocco, where since November 2021 and until just over a month ago, the Kingdom's borders have been closed due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, prompting the Moroccan government to take very strict measures. The laws have been a serious setback for the tourism sector, which was preparing for the massive influx of tourists and Moroccans returning to the North African nation for the Christmas holidays. However, with the air borders now open, the situation seems to have begun to stabilise and tourism has resumed with high expectations.