Mohammed VI, new Royal Protector of the Royal Corps of the Nobility of the Principality of Asturias

The King of Morocco thus becomes the eighth monarch to belong to this list


Mohammed VI, King of Morocco and Commander of the Believers, has received the distinction of Royal Protector of the Royal Corps of the Nobility of the Principality of Asturias. In order to undertake this honour, on 5 October, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco received a delegation of the Royal Corps at her residence to receive, on behalf of the King, the award together with the accrediting cell.

The award, which had been approved and granted last year 2018, was handed over by a Delegation of the Royal Corps to the Moroccan Ambassador, Karima Benyaich, headed by her Magistral Councillor, Francisco de Borbón, Duke of Seville; the Chancellor-Secretary General, Manuel Luis Ruiz de Bucesta y Álvarez; the Councillor for Institutional Relations, Alfredo Leonard y Lamuño de Cuetos, and Esther Alcocer y Koplowitz, Marquise of Casa Peñalver.

During the meeting, the Councillor for Institutional Relations gave a speech in which he expressed the different motivations that led the Council of Nobles to award this distinction, among which was the 20th Anniversary of his ascension to the throne. Special mention was also made of the Ambassador of the Alaouite Kingdom, who was warmly thanked for her difficult negotiations.

After Leonard's words, the Duke of Seville presented the insignia and the Royal Protector's certificate to the Ambassador, who accepted them on behalf of King Mohamed VI.

Later, Ambassador Benyaich, in some moving words, thanked the Duke of Seville and the Royal Corps of the Asturian Nobility, on behalf of Mohammed VI, for the award of the distinction, highlighting the ties of friendship that exist between the Kingdom of Spain and the Kingdom of Morocco.

To conclude the event, Benyaich invited the attendees to a fraternal lunch, which was also attended by the Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Ambassador of the Principality of Monaco, Sara Almahri, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, all of them representatives of nations whose monarchs are Royal Protectors of the Asturian Nobility. 

This brings to eight the number of kings who have joined the Royal Corps of the Nobility of the Principality of Asturias. This is undoubtedly a unique situation, as the Asturian Nobility understands that one of its tasks must be to help and collaborate to promote the Asturian business sector, so they look to diplomacy because they understand that it has to serve to unite brotherly ties, and even more so when it comes to members of historical royalty.