The Moroccan Embassy in Spain asks Moroccans to take responsibility for the World Cup match between the two countries

The Moroccan Embassy aims to avoid altercations such as those that occurred in Belgium on the occasion of the match between the Moroccan and Belgian national football teams

REUTERS/IBRAHEEM AL OMARI  -   Morocco's Hakim Ziyech celebrates his goal with Azzedine Ounahi

The Moroccan Embassy in Spain has sent an awareness message to Moroccan fans living in Spain to remain calm and show responsibility before the football match between the two countries in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar. 

The Moroccan Embassy has carried out an awareness campaign through the consulates established in Spanish territory to avoid disturbances in relation to the football match between the national teams of both countries. The embassy has stressed that the match should be a "party", respecting security, rules and sportsmanship. 

The diplomatic institution sent a note of "awareness" to all consulates, located in Madrid, Seville, Alicante, Almería, Murcia, Algeciras, Valencia, Tarragona, Gerona, Barcelona, Bilbao, Palma and Las Palmas, to extend it to all Moroccan citizens residing in Spain. Currently, according to the National Institute of Statistics, 776,000 Moroccans reside in Spain, in addition to 300,000 Spanish nationals born in the neighbouring country. 

In the past, Moroccan citizens have gathered in Spain to watch football matches during the World Cup in Qatar, such as the last one that saw the team led by Walid Regragui qualify for the round of 16 with victory over Canada, which took place without incident and in a normal manner. 

However, given the special nature of the match between Morocco and Spain, this appeal for calm has been made to ensure that all fans continue to behave in an exemplary manner. 

The aim is to avoid altercations such as those that occurred in various cities in Belgium, such as Brussels, which left dozens of people injured and caused significant material damage after the match between the Belgian and Moroccan national teams during the World Cup in Qatar. 

Spain's National Police has set up a special police reinforcement plan to control possible disturbances just in case. The deployment will be intense throughout the country, especially in those autonomous regions with a greater presence of Moroccans, such as Catalonia and Andalusia.