Morocco and Bahrain join forces through projects to promote young people

The two countries have identified young people as their main focus of interest and will exchange knowledge to carry out joint initiatives to promote culture and sport

AFP/FADEL SENNA  -   Young Moroccans in Rabat

Morocco and Bahrain continue to strengthen their relationship and it seems that they have now found a new common ground to further develop their mutual cooperation. Both countries have shown interest in promoting all kinds of cultural activities for young people. Therefore, a new collaboration has been announced between the two parties to promote this sector. 

This new goal for both sides emerged from a video conference between the Moroccan Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mehdi Bensaid, and his Bahraini counterpart, Ayman bin Tawfiq al-Moayyed. The meeting concluded with an agreement between the two countries, which expressed their interest and readiness for this new mutual work

The Alawi and Bahraini kingdoms are embarking on a drive to ensure that youth are well qualified. Both sides will begin exchanges of knowledge and experiences that can contribute to the efficient educational development of young people. Bensaid said the North African country will start sending ongoing programmes and projects that will soon be implemented in the two nations.

For his part, Al-Moayyed also confirmed that initiatives that have been carried out in his country to empower the youth will be sent. The Bahraini minister points out that joint action is needed in this specific sector and that results can only be seen through campaigns and knowledge-sharing

It is worth noting that both sides acknowledged that this plan is in line with the direction of the country's two rulers, King Mohammed VI and King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa. The ministers stressed the very good relationship and ties between the two monarchs and their joint vision for the betterment of their respective nations and the development of bilateral relations in this sector and other areas. 

AP/MICHEL EULER - King Mohammed VI of Morocco in a file photo

However, this is not the first time that the two countries have collaborated in the field of education in order to promote the young people of each country. This April, on the sidelines of Expo 2020 in Dubai, Morocco, Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates signed an agreement called 'Culture and Sport for Peace'. This programme was born out of the drive of all these countries to cooperate by developing more partnerships that strive for the good training and quality of young people. 

The four nations intend to achieve this goal by holding consultative meetings, where they will exchange knowledge that can improve the sector. In addition, youth exchanges will be strengthened between all parties, linked through cultural and sporting exchanges. 

This new impetus for young people also coincides with the recent visit of the Bahraini Foreign Minister to the Kingdom. There, he met in Marrakech with his Moroccan counterpart, Nasser Bourita. Both ministers stressed the role of their respective countries in the Palestinian cause and the preservation of Arab culture. They also stressed the role of their respective monarchs in the struggle for the right of the Palestinian people to create their own state.

From this event emerged the discussion on how to create a partnership between various countries in the MENA region on security issues. This requires preserving the security and stability of these nations, as well as achieving significant sustainable development in these territories.

In line with the latter, Bahrain and Morocco have already started working together to develop this sector. In early 2020, the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding on renewable energy. In the document, the two countries pledged to further develop and promote this industry in order to increase reliance on renewable energy resources. It is worth noting that the Alawi kingdom has the second best energy transition index in the MENA region, while Bahrain ranks thirteenth. 

Morocco and Bahrain have been cooperating and improving diplomatic relations for more than two decades. The two countries signed their first treaty in 2000, which was called the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT). This agreement aimed to promote and protect direct trade between the two countries, as well as foreign investment at the same time.