Morocco and Israel once again united by a partnership between two universities

The collaboration between the UEMF and the SCE once again reflects the good moment that Morocco and Israel are experiencing, as well as the innovation that the North African nation presents in its projects
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Relations between Morocco and Israel continue to be at their peak with the formalisation of several treaties and economic agreements since the normalisation of Israeli-Moroccan ties through the signing of the Abraham Accords in 2020. In addition to the diplomatic relationship, the various institutions of the two countries have also begun to collaborate on projects that improve the quality of life in every sense. In this regard, the Euromed University of the city of Fez (UEMF) will collaborate with the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (SCE) on some innovative projects.

The agreement was signed by the presidents of the two higher education institutions, Professor Mustafa Bosmina of UEMF and Professor Shimon Levitsky, as well as the rector of the university, Yehuda Hadad. The project will seek to work together in the field of academic research and the submission of research proposals to the European Union.

"The signed agreement will help both higher education institutions to improve, broaden and deepen academic research and develop research programmes," said the SCE rector.


In the same way, and thanks to this collaboration, the two centres will be able to receive visits from students and teachers respectively, which will foster cultural exchange and the beginning of a very good relationship between the Israeli and Moroccan population.

"I am convinced that the warm bond created between the two sides will also be a bridge between cultures and will help develop interpersonal ties between Israeli students and professors and their Moroccan friends, which will of course contribute to strengthening the peace process and the bond between the two countries," Hadad added.

The UEMF is standing out in the Kingdom as one of the most pioneering and leading centres of education in the Alawi country. The foundations of its education are framed under innovation and the projection of projects related to the future of the planet. Three years ago, the university opened the first school of artificial intelligence (AI), which is responsible for developing artificial intelligence and the simulation of human intelligence in computers and machines, mainly.

The opening of this centre in 2019 has been a revolution in Morocco and Africa, helping to establish the Kingdom as one of the future leaders in AI. It is an exclusive place where only the top 100 graduates from science degrees are eligible. Upon entry, they will have the opportunity to train in the various fields related to science and technology.

In connection with this theme of robotics and technology, UEMF embarked in 2020 on the project known as the "Fez Smart Factory". This focuses on establishing a new industrial zone in Fez with an investment of 104 million dirhams. According to the educational centre, the aim is to "establish innovative industrial reception zones to develop the competitiveness of regional industry, with a primary focus on Industry 4.0".
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Within this complex, technology and the digital transition will be at the centre of everything, with 11 hectares of land with 93 smart workshops and five research and development laboratories. In addition, the business centre will comprise 40 entrepreneurs, 30 startups and 10 companies that will contribute to the digital transition.

The project is initially expected to generate 5 billion dirhams in investment and thousands of jobs that could reduce Morocco's unemployment problem. In addition, the services to be created in the smart factory will mainly benefit sectors such as agri-food, textiles and sustainable development. In addition, the achievements will also be used for other work with the manufacture of electronic and technological components, as well as to stimulate Moroccan digital engineering.

Like other ideas, this is a pioneering project in Morocco. In addition to the UEMF, the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), Alten Delivery Center, a digital consultancy, and the regional council of Fez-Meknes are collaborating in the realisation of this industrial zone. The factory will soon be ready for operation and is expected to achieve good results for the future.