Morocco confirms new gas discovery in the Guersif area

Predator Oil & Gas, the company behind the discovery, describes the new gas reserves as "promising" because of their size
Morocco Gas


Morocco continues to search for gas in its lands, and major discoveries of this energy resource are being made. Following the announcement three days ago of another discovery, the British company Predator Oil & Gas has discovered a new gas basin in the Guersif region, a territory in the northwest of the country. 

The company has published the news, in which it described the new reserves discovered as "promising". The published report, to which the newspaper Madar 21 has had access, added that this gas is estimated to be found in an amount of 11 billion cubic metres.

This discovery was made possible by a re-evaluation of the extension of the MOU-1 and MOU-4 wells. The British company points out that, based on this discovery, the relevant tests and evaluations will be carried out this year in order to confirm and verify the quantity found in the basin.  Pedrator Oil & Gas also points out that with this estimate and the recovery of this new gas "it is likely that the project will be commercially viable".

The new basin is good news for the Kingdom and the company now plans to test for extraction. Its statement says that studies will begin when the Alawi country relaxes its restrictions on outflows and inflows into the nation. MOU-4 is located 8 kilometres east of MOU-1, and the company says pre-drilling preparations are on track with the development of its project. 

Morocco has been discovering significant gas reserves in recent months. Just a few days ago, Chariot, a company also operating in the region, announced another discovery offshore Larache, a coastal city also located in the northwest of the country.

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The firm is working on the appraisal and exploration of the Anchovy-2 well, where Chariot discovered the new reserves. It adds that the discovery of this energy resource is of high quality and that the drilling was carried out in a very efficient manner at a depth of 2,512 metres. The new revelation has been made possible through a thorough evaluation of the well, using state-of-the-art techniques such as subsurface formation testing, subsurface and sidewall gas sampling, and petrophysical logging, among others. 

"Preliminary interpretation of the data confirms the presence of significant gas accumulations in the appraisal and exploration targets of the Anchovy-2 well, with a calculated net gas layer of over 100 metres, compared to the previous year's gas layer," the UK company explained. 

Over the past year, several oil and gas companies have evaluated the entire area in search of resources. The studies carried out confirm that the Alawi kingdom has several sedimentary basins on land and at sea, which allow the accumulation of natural gas, thus affirming the existence of gas in the nation's subsoil. 

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"Morocco has several sedimentary basins onshore and offshore, whose geology has allowed the genesis of different petroleum systems that could potentially be favourable to the accumulation of gas deposits," said Abdellah Mouttaqi, secretary general of the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM).

Expeditions are being carried out in areas such as Esaouira, Guersif, Zag, Boudnib and Missour. One of the basins that is providing the best results in the search for gas is the Gharb basin. Several quality natural gas deposits have been found there, although the size of the basin is smaller than normal. However, the OHNYM already stated that this was not an important fact and that already thanks to their existence "they are economically interesting and profitable". 

These studies have always been carried out under the supervision of the Moroccan government, which is committed to innovation and is also sure that the country's soil is rich in energy material. For its part, it has allowed companies specialising in the field to have a 10-year exemption from corporate tax, as well as other tax advantages and land sales and rentals to carry out effective exploration.