Morocco establishes the New Development Model to create more wealth

The plan aims to increase the economic capacity of Moroccans and strengthen their skills in 13 years' time
Marruecos continúa imponiendo medidas y planes para mejorar la vida de sus ciudadanos y exponer al Reino a nivel mundial AFP PHOTO / SOURCE / MOROCCAN ROYAL PALACE

AFP PHOTO / SOURCE / MOROCCAN ROYAL PALACE  -   Morocco continues to impose measures and plans to improve the lives of its citizens and expose the Kingdom to the world.

Morocco continues to impose measures and plans to improve the lives of its citizens and expose the Kingdom to the world. One of the projects being implemented to achieve this is the New Model of Development (NMD). This plan aims to create more wealth and strengthen the status of citizens, while enhancing their skills and capabilities, both their own and the country's. The model proposes an enrichment of the country's economy through the creation of a new model of development. The model proposes to enrich the nation over the next 13 years, with a target date of 2035 to see if all the goals have been met.  

The NMD is a project that has been underway for quite some time. It is built on the expectations of Moroccans, as well as existing assets that want to improve the nation's situation by strengthening its stability, foreign relations and the image of the Alawi country in the eyes of international partners. It is also intended to use its geostrategic position and the creation of major infrastructures to attract more business and companies to the country. The Moroccan government wants to remedy the problems and inconveniences arising from systemic and structural difficulties, programmes created previously without any purpose, as well as to increase the pace of economic growth, which has been affected by the passage of the coronavirus.  

Ahmed Rida Chami, presidente del Consejo Económico, Social y Medioambiental (CESE) PHOTO/ARCHIVO
PHOTO/ARCHIVO - Ahmed Rida Chami, president of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC)

Ahmed Rida Chami, president of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) and also a member of the Special Commission implementing this new economic model, spoke again on the subject at the inaugural conference of the People's University 2022 in Meknes. This was marked by the project and was organised online under the theme of "The territorial dimension of the new development model". There, Chami confirmed that the plan is still in operation and added that another of the points to be discussed was the strengthening of territorial integration, social justice and the preservation of the natural resources available to the nation in all its regions. 

For his part, when the project was announced, the director also stated that the plan constitutes a new frame of reference for development with several decisive options. "The monarchy is the guarantor of national unity and the bearer of the long-term strategic vision. It advocates the complementarity between a strong, strategic and democratic state and a strong, supportive and active society," said Chami.  

Jesko Hentschel, Director del Departamento del Magreb del Banco Mundial PHOTO/ARCHIVO
PHOTO/ARCHIVO - Jesko Hentschel, Director of the Maghreb Department of the World Bank

He added that the model is based on five future challenges that will offer new investment and partnership opportunities in key sectors of the country. In addition, it will seek to advance investment, higher education, research, digital society, green energy, the creation of financial centres and the designation of origin of the Kingdom's products, which will strengthen Morocco's commitment on a regional and international scale. 

Many international authorities specialised in economic matters have praised Morocco for the establishment of this new system. One of them is the World Bank, which congratulated the Kingdom for charting a new course for the economic development of the region, and of which Jesko Hentschel, director of the Maghreb department of the financial institution notes that "it is the construction of a prosperous, plural and open Morocco".  

AFP/ERIC BARADAT - Sede del Grupo del Banco Mundial en Washington, DC
AFP/ERIC BARADAT - World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington, DC

China was interested in this new model, which, when it was announced, coincided with the visit of Li Changlin, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Rabat. There, he met with senior officials of the Moroccan government, and according to the media covering the visit, the NMD is part of the cooperation between the two regions and involves a search for strategic points in promising sectors to work together and strengthen existing relations.  

"We have reviewed all the cooperation files between Morocco and China. We focused mainly on a common reflection on the NMD. With that discussion on this New Development Model, we were able to identify areas of cooperation where Morocco and China can agree," said the Chinese diplomat.