Morocco grants new exploration permits for gold mines

The Alawite kingdom has granted four new exploration licences to Canadian gold mining company Stellar AfricaGold Inc
Gold mine

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Morocco has granted four exploration licences for gold mines to the Canadian company Stellar AfricaGold Inc in order to obtain the precious gold from the Moroccan subsoil in what could be another important economic advance for the exploitation of the North African country's natural resources. 

The project for the new gold deposit is located near another recent gold discovery site in the eastern Moroccan area of Tichka, as reported by Bladi media. 

In a press release, the Canadian company, which is involved in gold mining in Quebec and West Africa, said it had signed a clause in the 18 August 2020 exploration agreement with Morocco's National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines, granting it four new permits added to the initial project, adding that the new authorisations bring to seven the number of permits available to the company, all over a total exploration area of 82 square kilometres. 

"Two of the four additional licences are strategically located in relation to the two recently discovered A and B gold structures, which were discovered through Stellar's extensive prospecting and trenching programmes," the Canadian company said, as reported by Bladi media. 

Mina de oro

According to the figures, early prospecting of the A and B gold zones showed data of 3.36 grams per tonne of gold over 10 metres, including a level of 8.73 grams per tonne of gold over 3 metres in the A zone. In zone B, the cataloguing is 4.55 grams per tonne of gold over 15 metres, including a high point figure of 7.47 grams per tonne of gold.

Thus, Morocco continues to boost its mining industry. In this section, it is worth recalling another important breakthrough by Altus Aterian Resources in the western part of the Moroccan Atlas, as reported by Bladi media last July. It is a rather incredible discovery made by this mining exploration company focused on technological metals in the Kingdom of Morocco. 

The highly prospective geology and established infrastructure make Morocco a prime exploration destination, as noted by Altus Aterian. 

The company already had the Azrar, Izougza and Tata projects underway, where it had discovered significant copper and plant resources in large quantities during excavations. Altus announced that it had obtained 8.37% copper at the Izougza project, 0.24% at the Tata project and 3.41% at the Azrar project. At the Azrar project, 56 grams per tonne of silver was also unearthed.

Altus Aterian Resources general manager Steven Poulton said they were "excellent results". "The projects are located in copper and silver mining districts. It is very encouraging," the company said on its website. 

Mina de oro

Altus has also been exploring other areas such as Jafra, Tiddas and Amsa, which it was awarded licences just before the summer of last year. In total, a dozen projects over an area of 675 square kilometres with good prospects for the company, as reported by Capital. 

The good news for Morocco in terms of mining and the discovery of natural resources continues. This has also been demonstrated by the latest gas projects in the Alawi kingdom, which have led to the discovery of important natural gas deposits that could allow the country's energy industry to develop further with the participation of international extractive companies and could lead to greater economic growth and national wealth, as well as supplying the country's growing domestic energy demand. 

The latest discovery of natural gas offshore off the coast of Larache, by the British company Chariot, and the recent discovery of natural gas in the Guersif enclave, by the British company Predator Oil & Gas, should be highlighted in this regard.

All of this demonstrates the great work of the Moroccan government under Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, which is promoting the development of the energy and mining industry in the Alawi kingdom through the presence of major international companies that bring the latest technology to discover natural resources in areas that were unnoticed decades ago and which now offer significant deposits of gas, oil and even minerals.