Morocco, one of the world's most competitive countries in new technologies

It is already the world's fifth most competitive destination for research and development in ICTs

PHOTO/FILE  -   Morocco increasingly embarks on the technological process

Morocco is already one of the most important destinations for research and development of new technologies, behind only California, the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland, according to Ghita Mezzour, Minister Delegate in charge of Digital Transition and Administration Reform.

The minister was asked in the Moroccan House of Representatives about the government's strategy to attract investors in the digital sector, to which she responded by highlighting the country's strategic position, as well as its great potential in renewable energies

She also highlighted the great development that digitalisation is having in Morocco, together with the power of subcontracting in Africa, which places Morocco among the top three countries in this field, employing more than 100,000 people in this sector. 

Another of the strong points of the policy that the Moroccan government has been developing, supported by the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, is the attraction of foreign investors, mainly in the digital field and new technologies.

PHOTO/MAROC DIPLOMATIQUE - Akhannouch and Mohcine Jazouli meet with Safra Catz, Oracle President and CEO

The United States, France, Spain, Canada, Japan and India were some of the examples that Minister Mezzour put on the table as a guarantee of the work being done with the aim of stabilising and increasing these investments in Morocco.

She also highlighted her recent visit to India, a leading country in relocation services, where a memorandum was signed with one of its strongest companies in the sector, to launch an investment project in Morocco with the aim of creating thousands of jobs in the field of coding, software and computer services. This company already operates in 50 countries, employing more than 200,000 people worldwide.

The minister also highlighted the recent visit to Morocco of Safra Catz, president and CEO of Oracle, a major US multinational that recently opened an R&D laboratory in the Kingdom, which is also the first of its kind in Africa.

But Morocco has also grown at the national level, with the signing of various agreements for the creation of a programming and coding school, together with a start-up centre. Advances that facilitate the training of Moroccans in digital matters, something that would greatly boost the sector in the Kingdom. 

AFP/FADEL SENNA - Morocco is increasingly embarking on a technology-driven process

Likewise, the country wants to provide a solid legal basis in cybersecurity and digital sovereignty, which is why several laws have been enacted in this regard; in addition to the search for international advice, with the signing of several agreements that seek to protect information and preserve communications carried out in Moroccan territory.

In this regard, and as a key link in the Kingdom's digital security chain, Morocco has the Directorate General of Information Systems Security, through the Surveillance Centre, which monitors, detects and responds to any computer attacks that may be carried out against the security of the State.

Another major project on the minister's desk is the reform of the Administration, including the digital factor as a key element in this remodelling. 

As part of this project to update the Kingdom's highest authorities, the Ministry's main objectives are to rehabilitate the civil service, strengthen the organisation of the administration, develop public services, strengthen the digital transition of the administration and, above all, ensure that these reforms improve the lives of all Moroccans and have very positive results in the daily lives of the people.