Morocco visits South Korea to promote the brand "Morocco Now"

The Moroccan roadshow will take place in Seoul and will aim to showcase the Kingdom's economic and commercial attractiveness
PHOTO/AFP - Esta fotografía, tomada el 28 de junio de 2019, muestra una vista de las grúas de contenedores en la terminal I del puerto de Tánger Med, en la ciudad septentrional de Tánger

PHOTO/AFP  -   This photograph, taken on June 28, 2019, shows a view of the container cranes at Terminal I of the port of Tangier Med, in the northern city of Tangier.

Morocco has announced a roadshow in South Korea to promote the "Morocco Now" brand, which aims to show the great economic attractiveness of the Kingdom for various Korean sectors.

The Moroccan roadshow takes place from 4 to 6 July in the capital Seoul, to commemorate 60 years since the establishment of their diplomatic relations and thus seeking to expand their trade ties and increase their cooperation.

This tour is very important for the Kingdom, considering that Korea is the fourth largest economy on the Asian continent. It will contribute to strengthening relations between the two countries and boost Korean investment in Morocco

PHOTO/ARCHIVO – Puerto de Tánger Med
PHOTO/FILE - Port of Tangier Med

Within the "Morocco Now" marketing campaign launched in 2021, is this trip. Organised by the Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE) and supported by the Moroccan Embassy in Korea, the event will seek to maintain the upward trend of Morocco's image as a very attractive business destination.

Thanks to, among other things, "Morocco Now" and the Kingdom's participation in Dubai Expo 2020, Morocco's brand is growing rapidly, with many international powers considering it an important enclave to settle in Africa.

Morocco has the largest seaport in the Mediterranean, the Port of Tangier Med, which is also the first commercial port on the African continent, making it a strategic link between Africa and Europe.

These are arguments that make it a very attractive destination internationally and which they will try to convey to the Koreans during the tour of Seoul. To this end, the roadshow will feature round tables and "Business to Business" (B2B) meetings between Moroccan and Korean business leaders.

 Empleados del grupo francés Renault en Marruecos trabajan en una línea de producción fase en la fábrica de Renault en Tánger AFP/FADEL SENNA
AFP/FADEL SENNA - Employees of the French Renault group in Morocco work on a production line at the Renault factory in Tangier.

Therefore, during the event, the most important and influential Korean personalities, both politically and economically, will learn about Morocco's most important geopolitical, geographical and economic assets, as well as the stability of the country and the new development model implemented in the Kingdom.

Morocco's entry into Eastern markets is a reality, following the visit to Japan on 27 June by the Minister Delegate for Investment, Mohcine Jazouli, and after this conference in Korea, the Moroccan situation and its establishment in the Middle East is a fact.

A clear example of this is the $226.3 million that Japanese exports reached in Morocco in 2021. This figure exceeds what was achieved in 2020 (169.2 million dollars) and supports the Kingdom's positive trend.

With the creation of new trade partnerships and the strengthening of existing ones, Morocco is ensuring a very promising future, thanks to its internal development and the high expectations and interest of foreign investors, who believe in the Moroccan economy and consider it a great opportunity for their business.