Morocco warns of Iranian ambitions to spread Shi'ism in Africa

Foreign Minister Burita made these declarations during a session of parliament, justified by the defence of the spiritual security of Moroccans


The Moroccan Foreign Minister, Naser Burita, warned of "Iranian ambitions" to enter West Africa "to propagate Shiite doctrine", a phenomenon in the face of which he pointed to the priority of preserving the "spiritual security" of Moroccans and Africans, in reference to the Sunni branch of Islam.

Burita made these declarations during a parliamentary foreign affairs committee meeting held last week behind closed doors, which is reflected in a report to which Efe has had access today. 

During his speech, the document indicates, the minister affirmed that "the spiritual security of Moroccans and the African continent is among the priorities to repel Iranian ambitions that try to enter West Africa to propagate the Shiite doctrine".

Burita said Morocco's solidarity with the UAE after last week's attacks by Yemeni rebels in Abu Dhabi is a "clear message" against abuses by Yemeni Houthis and Iran, which supports them.

Morocco cut diplomatic ties with Iran in May 2018 after accusing Iranian ally Hezbollah of arming Polisario Front independence fighters, with whom it is in open conflict over Western Saharan territory.

The Sunni bloc countries, led by Saudi Arabia, accuse Iran of spreading Shi'ism in traditionally Sunni regions and among Muslims in Western countries in order to gain political influence.

Sunni states also accuse Iran, which is the only state in the world that defines itself as Shi'a, of turning Shi'a movements in the Islamic world into political and military extensions of the country in order to spread instability.