Morocco's government is committed to culture

The new government will launch a cultural programme to promote national values and the integration of young people into society


Aziz Akhannouch's government has developed a programme for the next five years of its term of office, in which culture will be one of its main pillars. The Prime Minister has spoken of the importance of preserving cultural values and promoting a sense of homeland, especially among the young.

Akhannouch assured that his government, during the launch of his programme, "is well aware that its main mission is to reinforce the pillars of the social state and strengthen the Kingdom's human capital, and will work with dedication to preserve their dignity, enshrine their rights and guarantee the conditions for their well-being".

To ensure this investment, the new Executive has developed a series of measures that will focus on supporting the knowledge of the region's artists and cultural professionals, and on consolidating the multiple languages covered in the country


The prime minister intends to invest in Morocco's cultural industry by providing materials to all intellectuals. He will also build a national museum in which he will defend the country's cultural capital. To this end, the government will seek to increase public funding, establish support agencies and achieve equal opportunities for all film and television workers. Cultural reforms will be carried out in schools and universities, where literature and art will be the main focus. Money will be given to the media to disseminate cultural content and encourage the public to consume culture.

But above all, the project will target younger citizens. Morocco will implement the creation of a "youth passport". This new document, which will be in digital format, will provide financial assistance to Moroccans between the ages of 16 and 30, regardless of their economic situation, for cultural consumption. Younger people will get discounts for activities such as sports, culture and entertainment, which the government intends to obtain from association with groups and economic partners. It will also try to persuade public institutions such as museums, art exhibitions, swimming pools and other centres to provide specific discounts for all those in possession of this new card. These are very relevant measures, which were detailed by the media Aujourd'hui.

The other measures will focus on making the new cultural reform viable for the region's capital and attracting different types of tourism. This programme states that culture is vital to the formation of a society and its identity, and the state has shown its strongest support for this plan.

Since King Mohammed VI appointed a new government on 7 October, led by the Independent National Rally with Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch at its head, he has shown his interest in making Morocco a more modern country, as for the past ten years there has only been one government led by the Islamist PJD, which is now in opposition. The new administration is made up of 24 portfolios, seven of which are headed by women.