Morocco's Ibn Sina hospital to open in 2026

The medical centre will become a 140-metre high architectural jewel


The hospital company known as Ibn Sina, which has several centres in Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Afghanistan, will build a new project to build a new hospital in Morocco. This will be a true architectural masterpiece, as the complex is designed in the form of a tower and, according to some media, the architects who have been involved in the design of the structure have been inspired by countries that have large hospital complexes with a very modernist character.

The Ibn Sina hospital will be a tower that will occupy an area of 130,293 square metres and will be 140 metres high. The construction will have 34 floors and 3 floors below ground level. Inside, it is estimated that it will house around 844 beds, including 706 beds for full inpatient hospitalisation and 126 beds for day services.

According to Rue20, the new hospital was not originally intended to be a tower, but was to have a horizontal format, like any other hospital. At first the designers looked to the University Hospital of Tangier, designed by the Spanish firm Rafael de la Hoz, which is in charge of the construction of the Mohamed VI Tower, which will be the tallest building in all of Africa. The reference hospital for the Ibn Sima, in question, is horizontal in shape and has two semicircular buildings that are connected to each other.

The new Ibn Sina will cost around Dh1.55 billion and is scheduled to open in 2026. Construction will start at the end of this year and it is expected to be ready in four years, both in terms of construction and equipment of all types of hospital systems.

The contract for its construction was won at the time by the consortium SGTM (Société Générale des Travaux de Travaux du Maroc) and the TGCC consortium, which have joined forces to carry out the project. These two companies are known for having other very important projects in the Alawi country, as is the case of SGTM, which the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water of the Maghreb country announced will be in charge of the construction of the new port called Dakhla Atlantique. This project is one of the major mega-projects that Morocco has realised in recent years in the Sahara. The ministry informed that the new port will have a particular structure and will have a bridge over the sea and will be 1,300 metres long. The port will cover some 1,650 hectares and is expected to be ready in seven years. The company's budget for its construction is 12.5 billion dirhams, although it was originally planned to use 10 billion dirhams. It will be located in the N'Tireft area, 40 kilometres north of Dakhla.

All these projects will represent a very important development for the Kingdom and most of them will be large, very modern constructions that the government has planned for the modernisation of the country and, above all, to attract new partners and future investment opportunities in the nation. In addition to those mentioned, the region's rulers have set their sights on the construction of large infrastructures, and little by little, we are seeing some of them, such as the As Far club's sports centre, which was completely refurbished and inaugurated last month by Fouzi Lekjaa, president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.