The National Library of Morocco is offering the "Kitab" platform

This new digital support will allow users to access thousands of documents, both current and old, and even information on forthcoming publications, which constitute the national archive

PHOTO/PIXABAY  -   Library

The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, BNRM, announced that it will integrate a new platform called "Kitab" into its system, which will allow anyone who wants to search for books, encyclopaedias and documents published in the media. In addition, this documentation will be downloadable for any user and will be available in Arabic and French. This new support has a repertoire ranging from 1968 to 2020. To access this system, visitors will have to log on to the website where they will be able to access the publications of their choice.

According to the newspaper H24info, which had access to the BNRM's press release, another of the functions of the platform will be to highlight the national works of Moroccan writers, to allow publishers and authors to publicise the stories they publish, and to allow researchers and the most knowledgeable to keep abreast of developments in the world of books. 

The press release, apart from informing about this new online platform for books, has also left information for anyone to ask questions, book any document and make suggestions, through the email address, where anyone can do any of the aforementioned actions.

The cultural centre plans to present to the media what the project will be like, in order to bring the media and interested parties closer to participating in the plans that will be carried out in this new cultural season of 2021/2022.

This digitisation of the majority of the archives held by the Biblioteca Nacional is related to the new government's commitment to investing in culture. A few weeks ago, we learned that during the next five years of the legislature, Aziz Akhannouch's government will devote itself to promoting the cultural values of the Maghreb country, with improvements in institutions and resources, so that the entire population can get closer to the culture of their homeland.

The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco was founded in 1924, under the name "General Library and Archives" until 2003, and today has a historical collection in French, Spanish and Arabic of 340,000 books, 34,000 manuscripts, 14,000 newspapers and magazines, 4,000 maps and plans, 8,000 photographs, 1,200 engravings and 800 cliché-verre. This cultural space began as a private property of the emir of the time, but two years after its foundation in 1926, it became a public property so that Moroccans could get to know their country's culture. Its headquarters were inaugurated in 2008 in Rabat by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, and it also has a branch in Tetouan. The library is directed by Mohamed el Ferrane and is managed and run by the Moroccan government.