The National Police confirms that Brahim Ghali is hospitalised in Logroño

The Polisario leader is still not in a fit state to testify, so it is expected that Judge Pedraz will postpone the court date again
Atalayar_Hospital Brahim

AFP/ RYAD KRAMDI  -   Brahim Ghali, president of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and secretary general of the Polisario Front

According to La Razón, the National Police plans to send an exhaustive report on Ghali's state of health to the judge of the Audiencia Nacional, Santiago Pedraz, during the course of tomorrow. Once he has been informed, Pedraz will decide whether to postpone his statement until the accused is in a fit state to make it.

Once Ghali's identity has been confirmed in the Spanish hospital, he will have to give his account before the Audiencia Nacional when his state of health allows him to do so and when Judge Pedraz deems it appropriate. Morocco accuses the leader of having allegedly committed crimes of genocide, terrorism, kidnappings and serious human rights violations, as has been reported in different media.

Along with this, Ghali is allegedly accused of having committed several crimes of illegal detention and torture. These accusations stem from the complaint filed by dissident blogger El Fradel Breika who denounced "the repression and serious abuses committed by Polisario torturers against the inhabitants of the Tindouf camps under the surveillance of the Algerian authorities".

Similarly, La Razón has reported on Breika's release from a Polisario prison where, along with two other bloggers, he allegedly suffered "the worst physical and psychological abuse for daring to denounce the serious human rights violations, rape and corruption of the separatist leaders, as well as their exploitation of the misery of the population in the camps to serve their personal interests".

According to the dissident, "three pro-democracy activists were kidnapped by armed Polisario militiamen for the simple reason that they had condemned on social networks the serious violations committed against the populations of the Tindouf camps". The three activists claim to have suffered various types of torture and abuse in an unknown location.

All indications are that the 7 May, the date set by the judge after initially requesting that Ghali's identity be identified and corroborated at the hospital, will be postponed due to the leader's still weak state of health. Sources say that on the same day, Brahim Ghali will be taken up to the ward by the health services, but that he will not be in a position to make any appearance or statement.