New cooperation between Morocco and Israel in the construction sector

Trade unions in this industry are involved in talks to send Moroccan workers to the Hebrew country due to the interest they arouse


Morocco and Israel are once again engaged in agreements that point to the good relationship between the two nations. The territories are now reportedly agreeing new deals in the construction sector. It seems that the Hebrew country is interested in workers in this Moroccan industry for several reasons.

According to the daily Kech24, the Federation of Construction and Wood Workers in Israel is reportedly in talks with the Moroccan authorities to make this new agreement possible. Isaac Moyal, president of the organisation, is in charge of the matter, which he is putting all his interest in making a reality.

Israel is considering which professionals it wants to attract to its territory. According to the media, the organisation is interested in attracting plasterers. Plaster workers are one of Israel's main focuses, but it is not looking for just anyone, it is trying to locate craftsmen who specialise in plaster engraving. 


Moyal is tempting the Moroccan authorities with a series of packages to entice workers to travel to Israel and consider the opportunity. The union has announced that it will hand out salaries to these construction professionals of between 20,000 and 30,000 Moroccan dirhams per month. In addition to these, they will also be offered free accommodation and travel allowances to make their stay as comfortable as possible in a region unknown to them.

Although all signs point to the construction sector agreement coming to fruition, there are a number of obstacles that have stalled the process. This is because Israel has not yet taken a position on Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara. Despite this issue, an agreement is expected to be reached following the negotiations concluded at the Negev summit and Israeli acceptance of Spain's change of position on the issue.


During this summit, Nasser Bourita, Moroccan Foreign Minister, commented on the good relationship between the two countries. Afterwards, the minister told the press that he hoped that the next conference would take place in a different desert, referring to the Saharawi territory.

Cooperation between the two territories continues unabated, and more and more agreements are being made to improve bilateral relations between the two territories. Morocco and Israel re-launched diplomatic ties in December 2020. The two nations, plus other treaty partners, signed the Abraham Accords in which they pledged to re-engage and agree on new treaties for economic enhancement.

This treaty was overseen under the administration of former US President Donald Trump. He ensured that all these territories would begin to build ties and strengthen the situation in which they find themselves. Two years after the signing, the outlook seems to be increasingly calm.


Since then, Morocco and Israel have experienced one of their best moments in the re-establishment of relations. The two nations have been involved in the signing of numerous agreements for greater economic cooperation. Most notably, negotiations on military equipment, in which the Alawi country has shown its interest in Israeli weaponry. As a result, the transfer of materials that are improving Morocco's defence system in every way has been carried out.

Another of the fields in which they have collaborated most has been related to the economy. Since 2020, diplomats from both territories have travelled to each other to reach major agreements, respectively. One of the latest plans being implemented is the promotion of tourism between the two areas. Israel and Morocco plan to sponsor the two destinations as an opportunity for their citizens to travel and spend a joyful and safe stay.