The permanent promotion of the Sahara with Nord-Sud Action

Conscientious Moroccans constantly working for the development of the Sahara
Omar El Alaoui

Guillermo López  -   Omar El Alaoui El Balrhiti

In the current situation in Sahara, there are conscientious Moroccans who work from various institutions to join forces with the aim of achieving the greatest and best possible development of this region. Omar El Alaoui combines his time as president of Nord-Sud Action, a Moroccan association for Communication, Socio-Economic Development and Investment Promotion; as vice-president of the Dakhla Regional Tourism Council; and as owner of the Sahara Events tourism company.

La duna blanca
The white dune near Dakhla

He is a magnificent host when it comes to proposing the best option for the development of the southern regions, which must be combined in a sustainable manner with economic, social and tourism growth, with the utmost respect for the environment. In Dakhla, there are currently numerous opportunities to achieve spectacular projects by making the best use of the large tracts of land, desert, beaches, sea, sun and wind, and natural resources.

Omar has in Noamane El Belghiti, Secretary General of Nord-Sud Action, the ideal complement for the promotion of a region that is very attractive to Noamane himself for real estate projects with his company based in Tangier.

Promoción de Dajla
Omar El Alaoui with Dakhla's Regional Investment Director, Mounir Houari, and Noamane El Belghiti

Logo Nord-Sud Action

Both are convinced of the great international potential of the area and assure that the best opportunities are now, in a few years the valuation and cache of Dakhla will have risen many notches.

Omar, what is the main objective of Nord-Sud Action?

To contribute to and support the development dynamic in the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco. Its objective is to establish a modern and attractive way of communicating its assets in order to attract national and international investment.

How does the association serve these objectives?

Our Association has set itself several missions to increase awareness around the world by promoting the necessary communication, either with print or digital media, to convey information both in the industrial and service sectors as well as in tourism and leisure.

Promoción de Dajla
Kitesurfing is one of the main attractions in Dakhla

How do you think investors can come to know Dakhla?

It is a matter of promoting the southern provinces, both nationally and internationally, showing their potential and investment opportunities. The ideal is to organise face-to-face meetings with each potential investor to define the possibilities in a direct way, depending on the sector in which they may be more specialised or more interested. There may be investors who provide financing and those who provide their capacity and knowledge in the various sectors such as tourism, renewable energies, logistics and infrastructures and within agri-food, fishing and agriculture.

With these prospects, is there room for local entrepreneurs?

Yes, of course. The intention is clear. The aim is to contribute to socio-economic development by helping local businesses to improve their quality and services. Also, to support and help young graduates who want to start their own business. I believe that in Spain the initiative of the self-employed and entrepreneurs is crucial for economic growth and employment.

How do you plan to attract attention?

We plan to organise economic and cultural activities with trade fairs and exhibitions, fairs, festivals, conferences, seminars, congresses. In the field of sports tourism, we intend to organise sports and leisure activities with rallies, organised trips, art festivals, sports meetings, bivouacs.

What events have you already organised that you can highlight?

We have several events to our credit that I can mention: the Tourism and Cultural Week of Dakhla in Torremolinos, the Intercontinental Padel Cup in Dakhla, the International Fair of Villages in Fuengirola and the Tanja Lagouira Raid "4x4 Rally from Tangier to Dakhla", which we intend, if the coronavirus allows us, to go from Madrid to Dakhla.

Promoción de Dajla
Omar El Alaoui

Are you considering cooperation with foreign organisations?

We must work to forge links of cooperation and friendship with other countries and national and international organisations with the same vocation.

The association also has a dimension of social responsibility and solidarity?

This is one of the most personally satisfying aspects. We help families and people in very precarious situations, we accompany people on the street, people with no fixed abode, we support people with disabilities, we accompany the sick, we support people with addictions and we welcome refugees and immigrants.

Who are your main supporters?

Our main partners: the Dakhla Oued Eddahab Region, the ONMT, the Moroccan National Tourism Office, the OCP, the Cherif Phosphate Office, the Moroccan Embassy in Mexico and the Moroccan Consulate General in Tarragona.