Polish company LUG opens a branch in Morocco

The leader in lighting installs in the city of Laayoune, under the name of LUG Morocco, and announces a future expansion in the African market


LUG, one of the most important Polish companies in Poland and Europe, specialised in lighting materials, has just opened a new branch in Morocco. The new factory is located in the city of Laayoune, where new materials will be created to solve any problem related to technology. The company has adopted the name LUG Morocco and has already started its operations. LUG has branches in cities such as Dubai, Paris and London, and is also present in countries such as Argentina and Brazil.

"The opening of this branch in Laayoune reflects our firm conviction that Morocco is one of the strategic priorities of our group," said Ryszard Wtorkowski, president of LUG, at the opening ceremony.

He added that the choice to set up in Morocco is a safe and reliable bet. For them, the Kingdom is one of the most stable economies in Africa, if not the best, and the political situation offers any company peace of mind and secure future profits in the very short term. Wtorkowski adds that the infrastructure, as well as the ability to reach any area and how well connected the Alawi country is through its roads, airports and ports, offer a unique opportunity. "The laws that stimulate investment establish a large number of projects in which our products could be used," he added.

The opening celebration was attended by several important guests from both Morocco and Poland. Notably the presence of the governor of the region of Laayoune-Saguia el-Hamra and Abdeslam Bekrate, governor of the province of Laayoune. On behalf of the Polish brand, the event was attended by several senior officials of the company, as well as its president, and even the Moroccan ambassador in Warsaw, Abderrahim Atmoun.

​  AFP/FADEL SENNA - Un empleado de la fábrica trabaja en una línea de montaje de coches en la planta de montaje de coches de Kenitra PSA  ​
​AFP/FADEL SENNA - A factory employee works on a car assembly line at the Kenitra PSA car assembly plant.

The latter commented that industrial investment in Morocco's Southern Provinces offers great opportunities for companies, as "they enjoy great attractiveness" and there are several sectors installed that are generating great economic value both to the country and to their own benefit.

"LUG's decision to invest in our Southern Provinces, more precisely in Laayoune, confirms the Polish group's confidence in the capabilities and resilience of the Moroccan economy, which is characterised by its great strategic openness to the various African markets," Atmoun added. He also noted the importance of King Mohamed VI's commitment to showcase the opportunities that the Kingdom offers for investment, as well as to arouse the interest of the world's companies.

The Polish firm's intentions are not only to establish itself in Morocco, but also to make its way into Africa and enter the continent's market. Establishing itself in the Kingdom determines the possibility of entering the continent and the possibility of expansion brings great economic benefits. "Our Moroccan branch in the city of Laayoune will soon expand into the African market. The aim will be to establish business activities in the field of professional LED lighting solutions in the Kingdom and in African countries," said Wtorkowski.

The group is not only interested in manufacturing the products they are involved in, but they also want to invest in healthcare, agriculture, fisheries, renewable energy, electric vehicle charging stations and manufacturing of firefighting equipment and some materials for the military sector, among other things.

AFP/FADEL SENNA  -   Empleados del grupo francés Renault en Marruecos trabajan en una línea de producción fase en la fábrica de Renault en Tánger
AFP/FADEL SENNA - Employees of the French Renault Group in Morocco work on a production line at the Renault factory in Tangier.

Many European groups are seeing the opportunity to set up in southern Morocco, and for the past five years there has been an important trend to do so. Economic experts confirm that the development of the southern regions of the Kingdom will be an important driver for European companies. Moreover, if these brands choose to establish themselves there, these areas will start to grow very quickly and their development will be very important, as being close to the desert ensures the development of more factories.

The attraction of international companies is based on Morocco's five-year plan to attract foreign investment, which runs until 2025. This project aims to allow new businesses to adapt to the pandemic situation and, when they grow, to be able to increase their activity and thus boost the national economy. Mohammed Gefer, director general of the Moroccan Regional Investment Centre, says the southern area is one of the preferred destinations for foreign investment. This is also proof of the government's effectiveness in integrating the region's economy with that of the country as a whole, allowing these underdeveloped areas to become globally relevant.