The presentation of the IX International Congress of the Spanish Language in 2023 has arrived

In Arequipa, with the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the directors of the Instituto Cervantes and the RAE and the rector of the University of San Agustín

PHOTO/THE CERVANTES INSTITUTE  -   Luis García Montero, Director of the Cervantes Institute

The IX International Congress of the Spanish Language (CILE), to be held in Arequipa (Peru) from 27 to 30 March 2023, will be presented in Arequipa this Friday 11 November. 

Speakers will include the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, César Landa Arroyo; the director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis García Montero; the director of the Royal Spanish Academy and president of the Association of Spanish Language Academies (ASALE), Santiago Muñoz Machado, and the rector of the National University of San Agustín (Arequipa), Hugo Rojas Flores. 

For the first time, information will be provided on the thematic content and organisation of this pan-Hispanic event, which the community of Spanish-speaking countries has been organising every three years since 1997, and which on this occasion will be held in the city where the Spanish-Peruvian Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa was born. 

The theme of the congress and the names of some of its most prominent participants, writers, academics, professors, scientists, journalists and other experts related to the Spanish language and Spanish-language culture, will also be unveiled. 

PHOTO/FILE – The Cervantes Institute

The event will take place from 18:30 (Spanish peninsular time, 12:30 in Peru) at the Paraninfo of the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa (c/ San Agustín, 106).  

It can be followed live on the Cervantes Institute's internet channels. 

Previous Spanish language congresses have been held in Zacatecas (Mexico, 1997), Valladolid (Spain, 2001), Rosario (Argentina, 2004), Cartagena de Indias (Colombia, 2007), Valparaíso (Chile, 2010, held online due to the previous earthquake), Panama City (2013), San Juan de Puerto Rico (2016) and Córdoba (Argentina, 2019). 

Submitted by José Antonio Sierra, Hispanismo advisor.