Qatar and its close ties with Hezbollah

European politicians call for an immediate crackdown on the Qatari kingdom's alleged support for financing the terrorist group
Doha, Qatar

PHOTO/REUTERS  -   Doha, Qatar

Alliances, and especially economic ones, mark the game board of the Middle East. Through arms smuggling, recruitment of mercenaries and money transfers, Qatar is one of the states that supports the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

According to the US television channel, Fox News, and weeks ago the German magazine Die Zeist, the Qatari monarchy has allegedly been financing the delivery of weapons to the terrorist group, putting almost 10,000 US soldiers at risk. The Al-Udeid military base in the Gulf State houses the advanced headquarters of the U.S. Central Command and U.S. Air Force squadrons. Let us remember that one of the main objectives of the members of Hezbollah is to put an end to the American presence in the region.

The information, obtained through a private security contractor, Jason G. (not his real name), who worked in Doha as a secret agent for an intelligence agency, puts the royal family in the spotlight, since one of its members authorized the delivery of military material to the terrorist entity.

According to Jason G., two Qatari societies operating under the cover of charitable work, the Sheikh Eid bin Muhammad al-Thani Charitable Association and the Education Foundation, above all, gave money to Hezbollah under the cover of "food and medicine".

Already a few weeks ago, the German newspaper Di Zeit reported that since the end of 2017, a German public relations firm had been mediating between the contractor and Qatar, during which the intelligence agent met with a high-ranking Qatari diplomat in Brussels, in order to resolve the situation and return the information to Doha. According to Fox News, this high-ranking diplomat would be the Qatari diplomat in Belgium and NATO, Muhammad Suleiman al-Khulaifi, who tried to pay Jason 750,000 euros to silence the role of the Qatari regime in supplying money and weapons to the Lebanese Shiite organization. The contractor said that, at one such meeting in 2019, al-Khulaifi went so far as to say that "the Jews are our enemies.

The relationship between Qatar and the financing of terrorist groups in the Middle East has long been discussed. The Qatari regime has provided organizational space to Hamas, as well as to the Taliban. In addition, Qatar has also built a strong alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which, according to the Obama and Trump administrations, is the largest state sponsor of global terrorism. In 2014, Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Muller accused Qatar of funding Daesh's terrorists. For their part, several European politicians have called for punitive measures against Qatar following these reports.

In a report on the financing of Hezbollah, the Jerusalem Post reported that there was a community centre controlled by Hezbollah in the German city of Bremen that channelled money to the terrorist movement based in Lebanon. According to Bremen's intelligence service, the Al-Mustafa community center "is involved in financial support" of the Shiite organization.

Hezbollah or 'Party of God' acts as a political party, militia, terrorist organization and social organization and, together with Hamas, is the big player in the region, as the most powerful Islamist group in the eastern Mediterranean.