Secun de la Rosa's 'El cover' opens the 24th Malaga Festival, which closes with Ana Murugarren's 'García y García'

Two comedies full of familiar faces open and close the 24th edition, which will take place from 3 to 13 June
El cover, dirigida por Secun de la Rosa PHOTO/ANDREPADUANO

PHOTO/ANDREPADUANO  -   El cover, directed by Secun de la Rosa

El cover', directed by Secun de la Rosa, and 'García y García', by Ana Murugarren, will respectively open and close the 24th Malaga Festival, which will take place from 3 to 13 June.

Alex Monner, Marina Salas, Carolina Yuste, Lander Otaola, Juan Diego, Susi Sánchez and Carmen Machi make up the spectacular cast of 'El cover', Secun de la Rosa's first feature film as a director, for which he also wrote the script. Produced by Nadie es perfecto, this musical comedy is produced in collaboration with Amazon Prime and GTS Entertainment and distributed in cinemas by eOne.

El Cover' tells the story of Dani, who has inherited his family's love of music and fear of failure. So he works as a waiter rather than live his dream, like his parents. This year, like every summer, Benidorm is full of artists who come to sing in its bars, hotels and nightclubs. There, Dani meets Sandra, who will change his way of understanding art.

García y García' stars Jose Mota and Pepe Viyuela, who are joined in the cast by Eva Ugarte, Martita de Graná, Carlos Areces, Naiara Arnedo, Mikel Losada, Jordi Sánchez, Antonio Resines, Ricardo Castella, Jesus Vidal and Alexity. This comedy, directed by Ana Murugarren, who co-wrote the script with Ana Galán, is produced by Blogmedia and Clarq Films, with the collaboration of RTVE, Amazon, ETB, Aragón TV and ICAA. It will be released in cinemas on 27 August.

Hispavia, a small low-cost airline, is in serious difficulties. Its numbers don't add up and its planes don't fly. In a desperate attempt to save the company, they decide to simultaneously hire a prestigious airline consultant and an unemployed expert mechanic. Both are called Javier García.

By chance and the disorganisation of the company, they are confused and exchange roles, and while the mechanic is looked after by the owner of the company and lodged in luxury hotels, the executive ends up in the hangar, wrapped up in a greasy jumpsuit.

Perplexed and at a loss as to what is going on, the two are confronted with each other's tasks, until the two Javier Garcias meet and discover the mistake.

García y García está protagonizada por Jose Mota y Pepe Viyuela
García y García stars Jose Mota and Pepe Viyuela.
Biofilmography of the directors:

Secun de la Rosa

Born in Barcelona, Secun de la Rosa moved to Madrid at the age of 20 and began his training, studying Dramatic Art at Cristina Rota's school. Recognised by the general public as an essential face of cinema and television in the last 20 years, he has also developed his career as a playwright and theatre director. He has premiered several plays to great critical and public acclaim, such as Los años rápidos, El disco de cristal and Clara Bow. El cover' is his first feature film.

As an actor, he stands out for his collaborations with Álex de la Iglesia in 'El bar', 'Las brujas de Zugarramurdi' and '30 monedas'; with Oscar winner Michael Radford in 'La mula'; and in films as acclaimed as 'Negociador', 'Casual Day', 'Pieles', 'La llamada' or 'Días de fútbol'. He has participated in the most successful musicals of Spanish cinema: 'El otro lado de la cama' and 'Los dos lados de la cama'. And in media series such as Aida, Paquita Salas, Saturday Night Live, Los irrepetibles and Paco y Veva.

Ana Murugarren

Ana Murugarren has a marked style of her own, in which she combines visual strength with crystalline narrative clarity. Always committed to the viewer, her unmistakable sense of humour finds in 'García y García' the ideal material to dazzle. His previous film, La higuera de los bastardos, after the Fantastic Fest in Austin, was released in cinemas and platforms in the USA, reaping the unanimous applause of the critics, who discovered that his films linger in the memory beyond leaving the cinema.

His filmography includes titles such as 'Esta no es la vida privada de Javier Krahe' (2006), Vocento Award for Creativity in Film; 'El precio de la libertad', a TVE miniseries (2012) 'Premio Iris Academia de Televisión' and nominated for the Golden Nymph of the Montecarlo Festival; 'Tres mentiras' (2014), Best First Film at the XV Tudela Festival and Grand Prix Philippines World Premier Festival; 'La higuera de los bastardos' (2018), Fantastic Fest Austin, Grand Jury Award Cinematic Excellence Hollywood Film Festival, Best Director Alburquerque Film&Music Festival.

Submitted by José Antonio Sierra, Hispanismo advisor.