Sergio Ramos and his renewal by Real Madrid: war of environments

The player wants to continue, the coach wants him to continue, the club offers him two more years and the fans also want him in their team. So what happens?
Atalayar_SergioRamos y Florentino Pérez

 -   Sergio Ramos with Florentino Pérez, President of Real Madrid

Why is it that every time Sergio Ramos' contract is about to expire, the issue becomes a media battle? Since January 1st the captain of Real Madrid is free to sign for any team he wants.

The dirty game has started through the press so that each party, the player and the team, try to discredit the other party to achieve each one's goal.

Neither of the two parties had made a public statement until last December 3, when the representative and brother of the player gave a "I like", "a like" to a comment from a journalist who "asked to find the person responsible for why Sergio Ramos had not already renewed for Real Madrid."

In this negotiation there are two parties and one of them is led by the player's own brother. He does not have to look for the culprits for the non-renewal of Sergio Ramos. He himself is at least 50% responsible for this "non-renewal".

Seen from the outside, it seems very strange that the captain of Real Madrid, a legend of the white team has not renewed. For his career and, above all, for his performance Sergio Ramos deserves to continue in the team.

Real Madrid has the rule of not renewing players over 30 years old for more than one season. Very important players in the history of Real Madrid left the club for this reason.

Atalayar_Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos lifting the European Cup trophy with Real Madrid

The case of Ramos was analysed in a special way; this rule was set aside and he was offered a two-year renewal in the summer, with 12 million euros per season. The club is willing to embark on an investment of almost 45 million as long as its captain remains in the team - a 35-year-old player!

In COVID's time this offer from the club is very valuable. For some it is not. For those who are, as they say now, "in the player's environment".

After the movement in social networks by René Ramos, brother and representative of the player, people, in particular journalists from the so-called "club environment", begin to give information about the details of the renovation. Some even say that Florentino would be willing to go out at a press conference to give information about the negotiation, which would not leave the player and, above all, his brother, very well off.

Real Madrid notified its players and senior club management of its intention to cut salaries by 10% to alleviate the economic effects that the pandemic had produced in the club's accounts. This strategy is being used by most clubs around the world. In addition, the renovation of the stadium was also increasing costs significantly.

This proposal was not mandatory. For employees, players and managers who did not want to comply, the club would not implement it.

Within the war of "environments" (the player's environment and the club's environment), it seems that the club's environment comments that Sergio Ramos accepted the club's proposal of two years, although he proposed a third year, according to objectives. Although he did not accept the reduction of this 10%.

Then the "environment of the player" comments that this 10% has not been applied to some players who renewed already, as Carvajal, Kroos and some more. They also claim that the club has not contacted the player again since the summer to discuss the renewal. That he feels mistreated.

Atalayar_Sergio Ramos

From the club's environment it is stated that every month the representative is asked about the acceptance of the club's offer. Specifically the last consultation four days ago.

So we are in this war of environments. Others say that this would be solved in five minutes in a meeting president and player.

There are also others, especially members of Madrid, who are already very tired of the soap opera that is mounted every time there is renewal with Sergio Ramos. And who have had enough of this love for the club. Here nobody is indispensable. Neither Cristiano was, nor Raúl, nor Casillas, nor Di Stéfano himself.

Sergio Ramos is an impressive player, a legend of the madridismo. What a pity that he is not so impressively advised.

Florentino defends the interests of a club that belongs to its members. A club that if it wants to continue being the best club in the world must have a healthy economy.

René defends his brother's economy. But you have to bear in mind that being in Real Madrid has many advantages. Prestige and advertising contracts are not the same outside of Madrid. Neither is your family's quality of life.

Madrid will continue to be at the top and you will not be able to return to the best team in the world as if great legends of the team such as Raúl, Casillas, Roberto Carlos, Butragueño and Di Stéfano himself had done it.

This issue looks like it will end badly and Sergio will regret it. Hopefully it will be solved.