Sergio Ramos: poor business management ends his Real Madrid career

Leaves Real Madrid in a fit of pride after the Ramos brothers failed to obtain the required fees; most players end up regretting their departure from the club
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AFP/ GABRIEL BOUYS  -   Legendary captain Sergio Ramos will leave Real Madrid after a glittering trophy-laden career spanning 671 games and 16 seasons

Nobody questions the footballing issue. Sergio Ramos has been one of the best centre-backs in the world. If you add to that the fact that he had to share a team at Real Madrid and in the Spanish national team with teammates of a level that is difficult to match, it results in a sensational sporting career.

When it comes to analysing his contractual relations, his arrivals and departures or renewals, we find innumerable 'soap operas' that have meant that the footballer is not loved by the fans as his quality and career deserves.

Already in 2005, when he arrived at the Santiago Bernabéu, there was controversy between the player and the Sevilla fans to the point that a large part of them whistle at him every time Sergio returns to the Sánchez Pizjuán stadium. They go back a long way in their messy negotiations.

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AFP/PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU - Real Madrid's Spain defender Sergio Ramos

In the time of Ramón Calderón, Ramos already had problems with the president and Pedja Mijatovic to renew his contract. He wanted a contract for life, which at the time was rumoured for both Guti and Casillas. Negotiations broke down because René asked for more money. Pedro Bravo who was his agent ended up in court with the Ramos brothers.

And Pedro Bravo said that the entry of René Ramos was imposed by Ramos' father, as René "does nothing and I want him to enter the world of football".

It is not only Florentino who has had problems with the brothers in negotiating their contracts. Calderón and Sevilla have also had them. We will see what happens with the new club.

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PHOTO/INSTAGRAM/SERGIO RAMOS - Sergio Ramos with his father and brother

4 Champions League, 5 Ligas, 2 Copas del Rey and many more titles. Nominated by FIFA to the ideal team countless times. Even nominated for the Ballon d'Or.

But the highlight of his career came in the final of the Tenth European Cup in Lisbon against Atlético de Madrid when he scored the header for which he was recognized worldwide as "The Hero of the Tenth".

All this while being in the best team in the world, with a fan base that adores him, with a galactic salary (12 million tax free), having all the respect and admiration of the sporting world and without a doubt being able to stay at Real Madrid as a legend for the rest of his life. 

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AFP/DANI POZO - Real Madrid defender and captain Sergio Ramos (centre), his wife Pilar Rubio (left), their son Sergio Jr, and Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez

The ongoing negotiations led by his brother René have not benefited him. Instead of thinking of Ramos as an idol and a legend, which would be normal, Madrid fans think of him as an exceptional footballer with excessive pride and a desire for the limelight that at times has benefited him, but which unfortunately has led him to make the worst decision of his life.

This 2021 has been a very unhappy year for Ramos. His desire for the limelight and his fixation on breaking records have led to him reaching the end of the season injured and missing out on the European Championship.

Why would Sergio trade all this for something that is hardly anything like what he has?

Sergio Ramos is not only a great footballer, he is the visible head of several family companies. In many cases, big money business operations have marked the decisions when it comes to renewing his contracts.

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AFP/ GABRIEL BOUYS - In this file photo taken on July 16, 2020, Real Madrid's French coach Zinedine Zidane (K) and Real Madrid's Spanish defender Sergio Ramos

Sadly, this time it is the same. Both his father and his brother influence these decisions in order to plug holes that have been generated by bad family investments.

Three years ago the player's construction company and his father José María Ramos denounced the Madrid city council. Ahora Madrid, Manuela Carmena's party, had reduced the buildable area of land in the southeast of Madrid in which the family real estate company had invested many millions of euros.

This could be the reason why he wanted to go to China for free at the time, without any transfer and with a valid contract. In order to plug the existing hole in the family real estate companies.

It is difficult to understand. New house in Madrid worth 12 million euros. Four children. Pilar Rubio with a job in one of the most successful programmes on television........

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AFP/OSCAR DEL POZO - Real Madrid's Spanish defender Sergio Ramos celebrates after scoring a penalty goal during the Spanish La Liga football match between Real Madrid CF and Club Deportivo Leganes SAD

He proclaims himself to be the "most Madridista", but due to economic differences he leaves his home. Does his economic situation force him to do so?

You could be a legend and have the affection of all the madridistas, but you are portrayed as a person eager for money. Your phrase "I would play for Real Madrid for free" will always be with you. Those who would play for Real Madrid for free are the millions of real madridistas.

What a pity, if you had dedicated yourself only to playing football without paying attention to your environment, as most of your teammates do, you would be the "biggest idol of madridismo of this century".