Spain and Morocco are set to appoint new ambassadors with the start of the current diplomatic phase

Moroccan sources say that a new diplomatic team will be appointed after the resumption of relations


Spain will appoint a new ambassador to Rabat, who will replace the current ambassador, Ricardo Díez Hochleitner Rodríguez, sources have confirmed to the Moroccan daily Rue20. This appointment is aimed at resuming diplomatic relations between the two kingdoms and follows the beginning of the "new unprecedented stage" in diplomatic relations that the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, announced in his speech commemorating the Revolution of the King and the People, with the intention of resuming bilateral relations.

After the speech, for its part, the Spanish government thanked the monarch for his words and decided to negotiate "without red lines" with the media that distort bilateral relations between the two countries.

According to media sources, the identity of the new ambassador will supposedly be revealed in a few days by both the Moroccan palace and Moncloa. They also reaffirm that diplomatic work will begin in Rabat after the formation of the new Moroccan government.

PHOTO/ARCHIVO - Archive photograph of the Spanish ambassador in Rabat

The media also claims that Morocco's ambassador to Madrid, Karima Benyaich, will supposedly leave her post after three years of diplomatic service. Along these lines, the Alawite kingdom was preparing to bring Benyaich back to Madrid after Mohamed VI announced the 'return of cordiality' to Spanish-Moroccan relations on 'new bases of respect, mutual trust and commitment'. However, Medio Rue 20 claims that the new diplomatic dynamic is prompting the two countries to change their ambassadors. 

Ambassador Benyaich was recalled for consultations last May following the secret entry into Spain under a false identity of Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali, accused of committing crimes against humanity and genocide. In this context, Morocco stated that Benyaich would not return to Spain if the crisis was not resolved. On the other hand, the current Spanish ambassador is expected to leave Rabat at the end of August after a five-year diplomatic tenure that began on 10 August 2016.

PHOTO/ATALAYAR - Morocco's Ambassador to Spain, Karima Benyaich

"It is true that our relations with Spain have recently gone through an unprecedented crisis that has shaken mutual trust and raised many questions about their fate. However, we have worked with the Spanish side in a climate of total calm, transparency and responsibility". This is how Mohammed VI closed the diplomatic crisis that has shaken Spain and Morocco over the last few months as a result of Brahim Ghali's entry into Spain in order to receive health care, without first consulting Morocco.

In this context, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, endorsed these words, stating that "we are allies, neighbours, brothers, and therefore I welcome these words", as he is convinced that "on trust, respect and collaboration, we can build a relationship on more solid foundations than until now".