Spain-Morocco crisis, elections in Chile and the plane forced to land to detain an opposition activist in Belarus on Atalayar Radio

Lunes 24 mayo 22.00-23.30h
Crisis España-Marruecos, elecciones en Chile y el avión obligado a aterrizar para detener a un activista opositor en Bielorrusia en Atalayar Radio


Tonight on Atalayar Radio we will be joined by José Manuel García Margallo, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hannan Sherroukh, coordinator of Islamic Studies at GEES, and ABC journalist John Muller to discuss international current affairs.

We will address the Spain-Morocco crisis, what is behind the assault by Moroccan immigrants on Ceuta and Melilla, the situation in the Middle East and the actions of Belarus in forcing a plane to land in order to detain an opposition activist. 
We will also talk about the constituent elections held in Chile.

Víctor Arribas will present the programme, as he does every Monday, with the participation of Javier Fernández Arribas.