Summer 2021 at the Fatima Mernissi Library: an open door to let the imagination of youngsters run wild

The installation of the Fundación Tres Culturas will brighten up the summer period for children and young people who wish to enjoy important literary works


Summer is coming and with it the holidays for the youngest members of the family. What better way for them to have fun than with a good book to let their imagination run wild?

For the summer entertainment of children and young people, the Fátima Mernissi Library of the Fundación Tres Culturas offers all kinds of materials with which they can let their imagination run wild, while at the same time learning about other Mediterranean cultures in a playful and respectful way.

As part of their learning in values, the library of the Three Cultures Foundation indicates that it is essential to offer them quality literature and films that teach them the values of friendship and respect for others, even if they are different.

In this sense, the Fátima Mernissi Library has an infinite number of titles with which they will have a fabulous summer, enjoying them without haste, as from July they can borrow up to four books and return them from 1 September.

Recommended literary suggestions include 'My African Stories' by Nelson Mandela (Siruela); 'Nasruddin or Nasuddin & his donkey', both by Odile Weulersse (Edelvives); 'Kahalim the Opulent' by Gerard Moncomble (Zendrera Zariquiey); El chico de Sevilla' by Dorit Orgad (Lóguez); 'Samir y Jonathan en el planeta Marte' by Daniella Carmi (Lóguez); 'Un muchacho sefardí' by Carmen Pérez-Avello (Everest); 'Después de la guerra' by Carol Matas; or the book of Arab stories 'Las Mil y una Noches'. But there are many more.

As for multimedia suggestions, the Library has several essential films for children and young people, including 'Kirikú y las bestias salvajes', 'Kirikú y la bruja', 'El lince', 'De Profundis' and 'El viaje de Chihiro', among many other titles. And all of this enlivened by the children's music compiled in the album 'A la sombra del olivo: el Magreb en 29 canciones infantiles' (In the shade of the olive tree: the Maghreb in 29 children's songs).