Tangier Med Zones to create a new outlet centre

The location will be between Tetouan and the coastal town of Medik, in the Cabo Negro area

PHOTO/TANGER MED  -   Aerial view of the Tangier Med complex

Tangier Med Zones, a company affiliated to the Tanger Med industrial platform, has recently announced that it is developing a project that will be a new shopping centre. The main feature of this new shopping area is that it will be in 'outlet' format, so visitors and shoppers will be able to access shops that sell products of good brands, which are out of season or have some kind of defect, so their purchase will be cheaper than usual. 

The company has also announced that the location of this centre will be in Cabo Negro, a region located just between the city of Tetouan and the coastal city of Medik. The project will be built on an area of 70 hectares and the first part will be completed and open to the public in April 2022. The first confirmed shop to be installed in the centre will be the multinational and leading furniture company Ikea, which will use more than three hectares and 19,000 cubic metres of covered space. The opening date of the new Ikea is scheduled for the summer of next year.

puerto-tánger-med (2)
PHOTO/TANGER MED - The cargo port includes the new phase of Tangier Med 2, inaugurated in June 2019.

Although it is not yet known which brands and shops will be installed in the complex, the new shopping area has earmarked an area of 10 hectares for the outlet project, and it is likely to be extended to 20 hectares, to develop consumer trade. This plan will offer a new model of shopping in this region of Morocco and will see the installation of several renowned clothing brands. It will also provide a great economic opportunity for the Kingdom, as apart from construction labour, local people will be needed to work in the area to create jobs and lower unemployment.

Also, the centre will include recreational areas, children's playgrounds, catering, restaurants and so on, so that shoppers can enjoy other types of activities, whether it is rest after intensive shopping or children can enjoy some free time while their parents take the opportunity to buy what they need. On the other hand, the project aims to support the tourism sector, as the shopping centre will create a large number of tourists who will want to visit the area, shop and enjoy themselves. Thus, this coastal area will be filled with visitors at all times of the year, which will soften the region's economy and like many resort towns, it will go from having its busiest working hours in the summer, to all year round.

PHOTO/AGENCE MAP - Prince Moulay Hassan represents King Mohamed VI at the launching ceremony of Tangier Med 2 port operations.

In a few days' time, the company will launch a public call for the selection of an investor and an operator who specialises in this type of centre and who will be responsible for the development, promotion and management of points of sale. For this, the only requirement that the firm has in mind is that whoever wants to invest in the project needs to have the necessary skills and knowledge for the commercial area to develop effectively and correctly. 

Tangier Med Zones is a company within the industrial platform of Tangier Med, which has the mission of conditioning and developing centres dedicated to certain specialities. It is one of the largest firms in the country and has the support and affiliation of more than 1,100 companies offering 90,000 jobs.  At the moment, the group has around 2,000 hectares, including six business areas for industry, logistics and various services such as purchasing. The projects developed are located throughout the northern part of the country, which is where they operate. One of them is Tangier Free Zone, a 400-hectare industrial area where parts and projects related to the automotive and machinery sectors are being developed. There is also Tangier Automotive City, which covers 600 hectares and is dedicated to vehicle development, and Renault Tangier Med, which is the largest vehicle construction plant of this brand in Africa. The group also has the Tetouan Shore, for service and purchasing, and the Tetouan Park, an industrial zone.