There is only one season of your life

The book "Your life counts", by Nacho Caballero, has been published with the challenge of combining psychology and storytelling to improve decision-making and regain the leading role in our lives

 -   Nacho Caballero

"Your life counts", by Nacho Caballero, has just been published, a book that forms part of a platform that unites psychology and storytelling in order to improve decision-making. The aim is to be able to regain the leading role in our lives.  

This book leads us to consider a couple of things about the day of our funeral: 

1. Someone will say a few words about our life, are we making it easy for them? Or will you have to settle for saying: 

  • He was a good father, mother. 
  • He paid taxes and provided for his family 
  • He was a very good person 
  • He was a movie buff 
  • He was very friendly with his friends 

We all know someone who has this profile. Being optimistic and settling for that is a passport to invisibility.  

2. Let's think about the six people who will carry the coffin on our last day. Those chosen ones who will accompany us on our last journey.  

The question is: are we treating them as they deserve to be treated today? 

These two questions and many more are addressed in "Your Life Counts". 

The book is a shake-up against the anaesthesia of living the lives of others, doing it on autopilot or that our life can be counted by just looking at our bank statement.  


Expressions such as: "killing time", "I can't make a living" or "getting by" are mantras that we have normalised and have made us forget the true meaning of who we are. 

Storytelling applied to your life 

We are all heroes, villains, victims and guides. This book looks at each of the roles we all play at some point in our lives and how we can evolve between them.  

"Your Life Counts" is an invitation for our life to take traction and truly become a story worth living, to be told. Not just when we are gone, but to enjoy it as we recall it for ourselves.  

The author draws on authors such as Gary Keller, Steven Pressfield, Donald Miller and, above all, Victor Frankl, to help us find the meaning of our existence and take responsibility for it. 

Because every day, we have the opportunity to choose between the routine and something that makes it special.