'Three with books', a club of 10

The Three Cultures Foundation promotes reading through this initiative


One of the projects on the cultural agenda of Three Cultures is the reading club 'Three with books', which began in 2009 with the aim of working to promote reading, the dissemination of Mediterranean authors and the development of initiatives to enrich the cultural heritage through diversity.

Authors writing in different languages make up a panorama that is as attractive as it is revealing, because through them the reader has access to the reality of the country, to the way of thinking and feeling of its inhabitants, far from clichés and postcard images. However, this literature is largely unknown in Spain and the majority of publishers still do not support these works. To alleviate this situation, the Three Cultures Foundation works to promote and disseminate Mediterranean authors who show the richness of other regions of the planet.

'Three with books' is more than a reading club. It is a meeting of readers who love literature and experience the pleasure of books in a different way. In addition to the usual meetings to discuss the selected work, in this club they have the opportunity to share their impressions with the authors, illustrators or even the protagonists of the selected books.

Given the great acceptance obtained by our users of the first reading club that was created back in 2009, new ones have been created, differentiating them in themes and/or ages, so that today we have four different reading clubs, which are: 'Three with books from home' (created as a result of the confinement and the coronavirus pandemic), 'Three with books for young people', 'Three with books in the CIS' (Social Insertion Centre, penitentiary centre) and 'Three with books for mothers'.

Throughout these years, the festival has featured leading national writers such as Lorenzo Silva, Carlos Zanón, Antonio Lozano, Najat El Hachmi, Patricia Almárcegui and Esther Bendahan. And at the international level, with their works translated into Spanish, Leila Slimani (France-Morocco), Abdellatif Lâabi (Morocco), Salwa al Neimi (Syria), Buket Uzuner (Turkey), Petros Márkaris (Greece), Tahar Ben Jelloum (Morocco), Yasmina Khadra (Algeria), Hubert Haddad (Tunisia-France), Angel Wagenstein (Bulgaria), Boualem Sansal (Algeria), Alaa Al-Aswany (Egypt), Mathias Enard (France), Zeina Abirached (Lebanon), Nir Baram (Israel) and others.

Music playlists

Each of the titles included in the 'Three with Books' club has a "soundtrack" created specifically in collaboration with the authors and collaborators to accompany the reading. These are Spotify playlists that musically illustrate the books and bring the narrative universe of the writers closer to them. An original idea that arose in 2014 during the reading of "I was Johnny Thunders" (RBA) by Carlos Zanón, full of musical references.