The Three Cultures Foundation brings Portugal's Alentejo closer to the public

Conexão INTREPIDA, a journey through the Portuguese Alentejo and the flavours of Doñana Cheese
Fundación Tres Culturas


The Three Cultures Foundation, in the framework of its European project INTREPIDA plus, is organising, on Wednesday 14th July, a double event that includes the presentation by Mar Villalba of a tourist guide to the Portuguese Alentejo and, on the other hand, will allow the attendees to get to know the cheese company Doñana.

After a four-day trip in an electric car, Mar Villalba has put together an interesting document in the form of a digital guide with interesting tips for visiting an area of Portugal still unknown to many, the Alentejo.

Afterwards, we will meet Ana Rocío Lepe, head of the company Quesos Doñana, who will guide us through a tasting of a selection of their products, providing interesting tips on food and wine pairing.

Quesos Doñana is a family company dedicated to the production of artisan cheeses. Its origins are linked to shepherding and the production of goat's milk. In 2005 they began the exciting task of rescuing old traditional recipes to turn the milk into exquisite cheeses made in the old way.

The activity is free of charge and places are limited, so to attend it is essential to register in advance. 

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation is the Main Beneficiary of the INTREPIDA plus project, together with the following partners from Spain and Portugal: Mancomunidad Condado de Huelva, Diputación de Huelva, Business Association of the Region of Portalegre (NERPOR), Business Centre of the Region of Évora (NERE) and Municipality of Faro. The INTREPIDA plus project has European funding from the INTERREG V A Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) programme.

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