The Three Cultures Foundation offers a concert by Les Poissons Voyageurs

Thursday 20 January


On Thursday 20 January the Three Cultures Foundation opens its concert season with the klezmer music of Les Poissons Voyageurs.

Between traditional songs and their own compositions, the project of Les Poissons Voyagerus sounds like swing music with Balkan influences, from klezmer sounds to Ladino and Romanian songs. With more than 500,000 kilometres travelled through more than 35 countries, Les Poissons Voyageurs have shared their music with musicians from Greece, Brazil, Georgia and the United States, which has allowed them to acquire a broad knowledge of the traditional music of these countries.

Les Poissons Voyageurs tour throughout the year, live together, organise and create together. A way of life that is felt and transmitted through their music. This concert is a nod to this way of life, in which the human aspect and shared humour can be felt in each track.

Ticket price: 5 euros. Tickets can be purchased online. In addition, 10% will be reserved for sale at the Foundation's box office one hour before the start of the concert and exclusively by credit card.

Activity developed in collaboration with Seville City Council as part of the 'Seville, land of diversity' programme.