The Three Cultures Foundation offers the documentary 'History of Jewish surnames'

As part of its Tuesday Film Series, dedicated this time to the Sepharad legacy


Throughout history, many peoples, cultures and religions have settled in the Iberian Peninsula. The presence of Jewish communities until 1492 left an important cultural, gastronomic and architectural mark... in many places. In addition to their customs and religion, the Sephardic Jews developed their social life alongside the Christian and Arab communities. September's Film Tuesdays invite you to get to know and delve into our past through this palpable heritage in many places in our country: streets, squares, words, surnames, gastronomy, smells, architecture... An open door to a culture that is still alive today.

On this occasion, the documentary 'History of Jewish surnames', directed by Kevin MacLeod, will be screened on Tuesday 21 September at 20:30. A 50-minute co-production between Spain and the United States from 2017, it tells the story of how Jewish surnames were formed around the world, from the Shem Hakodesh (sacred Hebrew names) to the kinnuim (names adopted in each country). It is a report of great cultural value and an excellent aid for genealogists searching for the roots of their names. It also contains detailed explanations of the myths and truths about these surnames.

Invitations are available through the website of the Three Cultures Foundation and the activity is carried out in collaboration with the Seville City Council.