The Three Cultures Foundation offers the online course 'Gender and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage'

The main objectives are to analyse the representation of women and gender stereotypes in heritage spaces associated with the heritage linked to the Andalusian legacy
La Fundación Tres Culturas ofrece el curso online ‘Género y Difusión del patrimonio cultural’


This course is articulated as a necessary tool in the current context so that students can include the gender perspective in a transversal way in their different daily practices and stimulate the creation of cultural proposals that contribute to the achievement of these goals in terms of equality. Students will carry out a collective reflection on the dissemination of cultural heritage both in our local environment and in the Mediterranean context. They will review the current panorama of the dissemination of cultural heritage, its development and some current reference projects, particularly those linked to the legacy of Al-Andalus.

The main objectives are to analyse the representation of women and gender stereotypes in heritage spaces associated with the heritage linked to the legacy of Al-Andalus. To vindicate good practices regarding history and cultural heritage that include the historical contribution of women in society and positive and diverse female references. To design strategies and informative proposals with a gender perspective that contribute to valuing, protecting and disseminating culture and heritage with a diverse, inclusive and accessible approach.

Aimed at heritage guides and interpreters, cultural, tourism and heritage technical staff, cultural management professionals, teachers, companies, foundations and other entities, as well as university students and people interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in this area.

The online course is 20 hours long and the start date is 20 September 2021. The price is 70 euros for the general public and 60 euros for the unemployed, retired persons and university students.

To enrol, please fill in the form on the Foundation's website and follow the instructions to pay the enrolment fee.

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Teaching team:

Ana Belén Moreno Muñoz, art historian and official tourist guide.
Mariela Maitane Castillo Gómez, heritage interpreter and cultural mediator.
Sara López Jiménez, historian, disseminator and cultural mediator.

The teaching team is part of the Herstóricas Association, which was created with the idea of encouraging, disseminating and promoting the values of real and effective gender equality in all areas, fostering diversity with an inclusive approach.


The enrolment fee can be subsidised for students who work in private entities, through FUNDAE (State Foundation for Employment Training, formerly Tripartite). For more information about the procedures to be followed, you can call or write to the collaborating company V.F.P., at least one week before the course starts, at 917587583 or 5,