The Three Cultures Foundation resumes guided tours of its headquarters, the Hassan II Pavilion, from 28 September

The institution is offering free tours of this building, designed as the Moroccan Pavilion for the 1992 Universal Exhibition
The Three Cultures Foundation


From 28 September, the Three Cultures Foundation will once again be offering one of the most popular activities in its programme: guided tours of its headquarters, which was the Moroccan Pavilion during the 1992 Universal Exhibition and is now the Hassan II Pavilion.

The building, designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau (the same architect who designed such emblematic monuments as the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca), is one of the great attractions of the Foundation, a real architectural jewel full of unique details made by Moroccan craftsmen who came to Seville for its construction.

Fundación Tres Culturas

Foundation staff explain the peculiarities of this pavilion, from the importance of the eight-pointed star (the building itself is star-shaped) to the symbolism of its movable dome, including the importance of water, the carved wooden decorations, the use of colour in the plasterwork and the curious cladding on some of the walls.

In addition to these artistic details, the visit also proposes an approach to the principles of the foundation and its programming, as an instrument of knowledge to the peoples of the Mediterranean through various cultural and informative activities.

Fundación Tres Culturas

The free visits will take place twice a month in the mornings and must be booked on the foundation's website ( They will usually take place on Tuesdays and will last one hour.

However, for those groups who wish to choose a date and time, there is the possibility of arranging an à la carte tour (in Spanish, French, English or Italian), through the 'Discovering Three Cultures' paid programme. In this case, it is also necessary to access this information from the website, where contacts are provided to organise these tours.