Tolerancia cero, José Antonio González and Fuera de plano are the protagonists of the VII Journalism Awards against Gender Violence of the Aliados Foundation

The awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 22 November at 11:00 am at the headquarters of the Madrid Press Association


The Aliados por la Integración Foundation is preparing the VII Awards for Journalism against Gender Violence, which will take place on Tuesday 22 November at 11:00 am at the headquarters of the Press Association of Madrid (entrance on Calle Claudio Coello, 98), with free access for all those who wish to attend as public.

Once again this year, the Aliados por la Integración Foundation is organising the Journalism Awards against Gender Violence with the aim of making visible and promoting the struggle of various professionals in the journalistic sector against the scourge of gender violence and abuse of all kinds against women. The aim is to reward all those professionals who promote the defence and dissemination of values against this social scourge. 

The report " Cuando la violencia sufrida conduce a prisión", from the programme Tolerancia cero on Radio 5, has been recognised with the VII Premio de Periodismo contra la Violencia de Género de la Fundación Aliados por la Integración (7th Journalism Award against Gender Violence of the Fundación Aliados por la Integración) in the radio category. The programme, directed by Patricia Costa, has been a pioneer in tackling gender violence since 2004 and is broadcast every Friday on RNE's Todo Noticias radio station. 

This report was broadcast last September and features Sheila, Davinia, Marisol and Isabel, inmates at the Madrid I-Mujeres Penitentiary Centre in Alcalá de Henares and participants in the programme "Ser mujer". This radio work explains that 70% of the women who end up in prison have suffered some kind of violence, which in many cases leads them to commit crimes and end up in prison. Many of these women have suffered gender violence while they were free and then continue to suffer it in prison because they continue to have problems with their ex-partners and in some cases with the situation of the children they have together. "Ser mujer" aims to help these women regain their self-esteem, reject any unsuitable relationship and be able to identify abuse when it occurs. An example so that these unfortunate events are not repeated.  

In the written media category, the winner was José Antonio González for "Dame un toque cuando llegues; así discrimina el acoso callejero", published in ABC and Vocento's regional newspapers. And in the television category, the Fuera de plano team, produced by the company Mediareport SL for Televisión Canaria, for the report "La vida por delante". Two initiatives aimed at denouncing harassment of women and totally rejecting gender violence in all its expressions. 

The jury also awarded the Special Mention to María Aramendi, Esther Valverde, Alejandro Losada, Juan Martín, Nacho Vázquez, Laura Masegosa and Guillem Hidalgo; students of the RNE Master's Degree, for their work "Invisibles: la trata de ucranianas en España". A documentary that reflects the difficult situation of women from Eastern Europe who end up subjected to the sex industry and that tries to give the keys to why these cases occur and to talk about the mechanisms that exist in Spain to prevent the sexual use of these women. This journalistic work seeks to show the judicial and political struggle of those affected against trafficking and prostitution in Spain.   

A total of 116 works have participated in this new edition of the contest and everything is ready for the awards ceremony on 22 November at the Press Association of Madrid, where the winners will receive a work by the Valladolid sculptor Concha Gay entitled "Arbol de luz".  

The jury for the awards is made up of Almudena Fontecha, president of the Executive Committee of Fundación Aliados por la Integración, Nemesio Rodríguez, president of the Federation of Spanish Journalists' Associations (FAPE), Alfonso Nasarre, director of Onda Madrid, Pilar García Muñiz, host of Mediodía COPE, Pilar Álvarez, head of Última Hora in El País, Óscar Vázquez, deputy director of Antena 3 Noticias, Raquel Benito, editor-in-chief of El Confidencial, Alfonso Rodríguez, director of Colpisa, Myriam Noblejas, journalist, and Javier Fernández Arribas, director of Atalayar and contributor to various media. 

The Aliados por la Integración Foundation is an organisation that has been promoting the social and labour inclusion of the most vulnerable people for more than 20 years.  A goal that is achieved thanks to the collaboration established with social entities, institutions and companies. Important allies in the daily work of promoting actions aimed at generating fairer and more egalitarian environments. 

Anyone who wishes can register here to attend the awards ceremony as an audience member.