The Trobades Camus de Menorca boost their international presence with activities in Morocco and Germany

In collaboration with the Cervantes Institutes of the Alaouite kingdom to promote "a journalism of ideas in the Mediterranean"


The Trobades i Premis Albert Camus closes its calendar of activities for the 2022 edition with a clear international accent, holding meetings in Germany and Morocco. "Stirring up the difference. For a journalism of ideas in the Mediterranean" is the concept behind the debates organised at the Cervantes Institutes in the cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Tangier, from 24 to 27 October.

The meetings will be presented and moderated by the writer, cultural critic and journalist Laura Fernández, with the participation of an outstanding group of journalists and intellectuals from the neighbouring country: Imane Kendili, Abdelhak Najib, Abdelkader Chaoui, Widad Benmoussa, Younes Saad Alami, Mehdi Idrissi, Ali Tajiti and Mohamed El Morabet.

Albert Camus considered journalism to be one of the most beautiful professions, to which he attributed a great responsibility in collective evolution. For Camus, everyday historians had to develop a journalism that was critical and committed to the miseries of the present.

In view of the dramatic situation currently being experienced in the world, the organisers of the Trobades Camus, which celebrate the writer's legacy every year in Menorca, have considered it essential "to restore the Camusian legacy and give a voice to journalists and artists who use information in their attempt to shake up general indifference and build, as Camus demanded, a journalism of ideas". 

Almost a month ago, the Camusian Trobades also travelled to the German city of Frankfurt for the International Book Fair, which this year is dedicated to Spain and its publishing industry.  At the end of September, the Directorate General of Books and Reading Promotion of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport and the team of the Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus de Menorca, hosted by the Institut für Sozialforschung in Frankfurt, organised a Camusian evening entitled "To create is to live twice".

New event in 2023

In the spring of next year, Sant Lluís and Maó will once again host the Trobades and the Albert Camus awards ceremony in a new edition under the slogan "The places of the world".  Since 2017, the Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus have been held in Menorca, organised by the Trobades Literàries Association and the Sant Lluís Town Council. Both the Trobades Mediterrànies Albert Camus, which take place in odd-numbered years, and the Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus, which take place in even-numbered years, promote the meeting of thinkers and creators from the Mediterranean and beyond, vindicating the validity of the thought of Albert Camus - whose grandmother was born in Sant Lluís, Menorca - and the need to recover the role of culture and artists in our societies. Albert Camus is a world reference of rebellion, justice and humanism. His thought has inspired several generations and can serve us today, in a world as convulsed as the one he lived in, to try to understand ourselves better and help us to recover a Mediterranean space that is once again a point of reference, from a cultural point of view, on the global agenda.

The Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus thus seek to become an annual event for critical thought, with Albert Camus as a beacon for weaving a present that is tailored to human beings. The Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus project is articulated around two axes: an event every spring in Menorca and activities that take place throughout the year. Thus, the organisation of the Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus works throughout the year developing its educational project and designing activities or Camusian evenings, both inside and outside Menorca, especially promoting its projection abroad. The aim of this type of activities in other countries is to invite a new public to get to know the Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus project and to share with those attending a sample of the type of debate and guests who come to Menorca.

The Trobades & Premis Mditerranis Albert Camus are supported by the writer's family and the Camusian Studies Society and were born from an idea of Miguel Ángel Moratinos - former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and defender of Mediterranean culture - who promotes their organisation together with the Sant Lluís Town Council and the sponsorship of the Fundació Foment del Turisme.