US company Oracle opens new plant in Morocco

It is a research and technological development laboratory that will provide the opportunity for Moroccan recent graduates to integrate into the world of work


The deployment of international companies in the Alawi kingdom does not cease and there are more and more of them. The US multinational Oracle, a firm specialising in information technology, has just opened a new laboratory in Morocco. This plant is located in Casanearshore Park, in the city of Casablanca, and is expected to boost employment in the region. 

The news follows a meeting between Aziz Akhannouch, Prime Minister of Morocco, and Safra Carz, President and CEO of Oracle Corporation. The CEO is visiting the Maghreb country for the first time in search of investment and business. The event was also attended by Mohcine Jazouli, Minister Delegate for Investment, Convergence and Evaluation.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed mutual investment cooperation. The US company wants to start expanding on the African continent and Morocco is an opportunity to enter the market both in the country and in Africa. In addition, they started talking about some development projects that the firm plans to carry out in the Kingdom. 

With the arrival of the Oracle Lab plant, the aim is to boost youth employment, especially for recent university graduates. The company's official statement says the plant will be operated by 100 researchers and will provide a hiring option for interns and recent graduates. This will be done by conducting joint research with Moroccan universities, such as the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Benguerir. 


"Such an inauguration will allow Morocco's talented people to contribute to the creation of cutting-edge technological solutions," said Minister Jazouli. 

Oracle intends to draw on Morocco's entire technological system and the latest developments in this field, as well as to collaborate with the country's best specialists. In doing so, the company wants to develop pioneering technology projects and solutions that support the identification, exploration and transfer of new technologies. The brand thus wants to start benefiting its customers both in Morocco and around the world. 

However, in addition to working with universities, Oracle will also work with and support national start-ups, which it wants to integrate into its programme in order to help them grow their business. In this way, small entrepreneurs will be able to start optimising their business in a secure and promising way.

In recent years, thanks to the new relations with the United States, many businesses in the North American country are seeing the opportunity offered by the North African nation. The Kingdom of Morocco offers great political and economic stability that multinationals are taking advantage of as a great opportunity. In order to attract these investments, Morocco offers tax benefits and various tax reductions and incentives. 

The relationship between the United States and Morocco is increasingly strong. The two countries have maintained a close relationship since the US was one of the first to support Morocco's plan for sovereignty over Western Sahara. Since then, they have not only cooperated on investment, but have also entered into mutual agreements for the development and benefit of both parties. 

Aziz Akhannouch
PHOTO/FILE - Aziz Akhannouch, Prime Minister of Morocco

Among these, military and defence agreements are particularly noteworthy. For some years now, Morocco has been acquiring a large part of the arms resources offered by the United States in order to armour itself and promote this industry in the country. In addition, in a month's time, the two countries will hold the annual "African Lion" military exercise in which they join forces to collaborate in defence matters.

Oracle Corporation is a company that specialises in developing solutions via cloud technology. It was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas and has been growing ever since. The firm has been recognised for its high profits and in 2006 was the number one brand in the database category. It also ranked seventh in the world for information technology companies. 

Its main function is to provide software to businesses along lines that include databases, business applications and application development tools, and help and decision support. 

Americas Coordinator: José Antonio Sierra.