Zelenski reviews Ukrainian forces on the border with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelenski today reviewed Ukrainian security forces units protecting the border with Russ

France's former ambassador to Algeria tells of Algerian envy of Morocco

The tension between Algeria and Morocco, far from tending towards a solution, seems closer every day to being

An end to the war in Yemen?

Eight years of conflict have passed in Yemen.

Spain aligns itself with Morocco over Colombia's closeness to the Polisario Front
Spain opposed the intention of the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, to include the Polisario Front as an observer at the last Ibero-American Summit held in the Dominican Republic.
The US will not cease operations against Daesh in Syria and Iraq
Despite the weak state of the terrorist group, the United States insinuates that the cessation of operations in Syria and Iraq would induce the organisation to regroup
Algeria: war and scandals at the top
Like a bull in a china shop, the 77-year-old Algerian army general Saïd Chengriha has been crushing everything in his path since he took over as head of the Algerian Armed Forces General Staff on 23 December 2019 from corps general Ahmed Gaïd Salah, who died on the same date.
The young man who insulted Morocco apologises and says he will go to the match at the Metropolitano
With social networks everything bad is possible nowadays. Hidden under a name and a photo there are millions of people ready to turn the world upside down and create conflicts where there is nothing. They know that the media loudspeaker resonates loudly in every corner of the planet. A racist comment from the right environment can serve to set off the most powerful alarms of intolerance.
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