Admiral Martínez Núñez at the presentation of mEDium: "NATO adds friendliness and solidarity to its military and industrial capabilities"

NATO coming out of the Madrid summit and the defence situation in Spain are the backbone of issue 11 of mEDium, Economía Digital's magazine of thought

 -   Almirante Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez

The Grupo ED presented the 11th issue of mEDium, the magazine of Digital Economy thought, at the Casa Club in Madrid. The event was attended by fifty top-level guests representing the political, financial, thought and journalistic spheres.

In mEDium #11, which focuses on 'The crossroads of defence', the magazine features such important writers as the Secretary of State for Defence, Amparo Valcarce; the PSOE spokesperson for Defence in the Spanish Parliament, Zaida Cantera; the director of the Spanish branch of CAMERA, Masha Gabriel; the former Minister of Defence, Julián García Vargas; the president of TEDAE, Ricardo Martí Fluxá; and the admiral and secretary general for Defence Policy, Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez.

The editor of Grupo ED, Juan García, insisted on "the mission of connecting our audience with the most important debates which, although they sometimes escape the 'news mainstream', condition our society".

Juan García, ED Group editor

For this issue of mEDium, Economía Digital brings together some fifteen leading figures so that readers can immerse themselves in "the importance of defence and the military industry in Western societies", with the idea of "better understanding the world to come".

The NATO summit in Madrid served as the central framework for the issue.

Admiral Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez stressed, during the presentation of the magazine, that the alliance "has been able to find the tangible ways to confront the conflict in Ukraine", embodied in innovation in military and industrial capabilities.

But he also pointed to the importance of intangibles, such as, for example, the humanitarian work carried out by the chef José Andrés.

According to the admiral, NATO's great intangible is "cordiality and solidarity". "If we don't build bridges, the world has no future," he said.

Admiral Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez

He also argued that the NATO Summit has brought about a change in the current state of acceptance of the alliance in Spain. Spain has gone from being a "hesitant society" to more than 80 % of Spaniards accepting NATO.

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