Car sales in Morocco soar

AIVAM has published a report showing a rise of almost 13% compared to 2019, with Porsche standing out with growth of over 100%


In the midst of the transition of power, Morocco continues to receive good news in economic terms of the current year. If less than a week ago the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that Rabat had beaten its record wheat production figure, it is now the automotive sector that shows very good data compared to records even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The Association of Importers of Motor Vehicles of Morocco (AIVAM) puts the rise at 12.64%, with a total of 131,637 units sold in the last nine months.

The monthly report presented by AIVAM shows a growth in both private vehicle (PC) and light commercial vehicle (LCV) registrations. In the case of the former, the volume of sales stood at 115,611 units, representing a growth of 10.77%. LCVs grew almost threefold, just over 28%, to 16,026 vehicles sold since January. This increase in sales has been generalised across all brands, with the premium car sector and especially the German firm Porsche standing out.

The Stuttgart-based brand has soared in sales in the Alawi kingdom, seeing its number of vehicles sold rise by 102.7%. Within the same sector, Audi also experienced significant growth, taking 2.48% of the market share - 2,869 total vehicles. This puts Audi slightly ahead of its main competitors, the other two German competitors, BMW and Mercedes. BMW had 2,457 vehicles and a market share of 2.13% and Mercedes 1.63% without reaching 1,900 total units sold.concesionario-audi

In terms of the overall car market, Dacia continues to lead by a wide margin, with 28.33% of the market share, or 32,747 registrations in the last nine months - a growth of almost 5% compared to the 2019 figures. Second is precisely its parent company, Renault with a 13.43% market share - 15,527 units sold -. Somewhat further back, outside the double digits are Hyundai (9,493 units and 8.21% market share) and Peugeot (8,070 vehicles and 6.98% market share).

Last September alone, 13,255 vehicles were registered in Morocco, 3.17% more than in the same month two years ago. The breakdown of these total sales leaves 11,323 units in PCs - up 1.92% - and 1,932 in LCVs - up 11.23%. Within the latter, Indian firm Mahindra has sold 92 vehicles, which is a significant amount for the brand as it represents a growth of more than 400% compared to 2019. On the other hand, Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) grew by almost 185% to 3,224 units sold.