Carlos Sainz Jr will not inherit his father's bad fortune

He could have a great career as his parent
Carlos Sainz Jr

 -   Carlos Sainz Jr

At the Silverstone circuit, at the British Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz delighted us with one of his best races. His departure reminded us of Fernando Alonso. He won two positions in a clean and orderly manner, but with great talent and nerves of steel.

Later on he endured the onslaught of his teammate Landon Norris and Renault driver Ricciardo. He did not make any mistake and everything seemed to be in fifth position even fourth when Botas suffered a blowout .

The bad thing came when with two laps to go and in fourth position a tyre on his McLaren burst and he moved up to 13th. Carlos Sainz: "It was a lottery and it was our turn, we are very unlucky".

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

At that moment, more than one of us remembered some situations experienced by his father in the World Rally Championship. In 1998, the Madrid-born driver lost a World Championship 500 metres from the finish line. There had been several similar episodes before: At the last World Rally Championship in 1994, he found some logs in the middle of the track, which caused him to go off track.  In 1989, he had problems in Great Britain when, on the verge of winning, the transmission of his car broke down. In 1991 when in the Catalonia Rally Carlos Sainz's Toyota refused to start. On the Dakar he also had some withdrawals due to real bad luck.

But let's remember Carlos Sainz senior's record:

Carlos Sainz

Decorations and recognitions

  • Gold Medal of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit, awarded by the Higher Sports Council (1994)
  • In 1997 he received the Olympic Order from the Spanish Olympic Committee. 
  • On 30 November 2001 he was decorated with the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.  Also in 2001 he was awarded the Gold Medal for Sporting Merit by the Madrid City Council.201
  • In 2004, during the Catalonia Rally, he was considered by drivers, co-drivers and directors of the official teams, as "the best rally driver of all times".
  • In 2012 Sainz was inducted into the Rally Hall of Fame of the Mobilia Transport Museum of Finland.
  • In January 2019, the FIA created the FIA Rally Hall of Fame, which included all the world champions of the speciality, including Carlos Sainz himself. 
  • In May 2020, Carlos Sainz is crowned the Best WRC Rally Driver of all time in a survey of fans and expert journalists.
  • Princess of Asturias Sports Award 2020

Can anyone say that Carlos Sainz senior has jinxed this data? No, gentlemen, after more than 30 years of professional career as a driver and thousands of races, it's not a jinx, it's a lot of work, professionalism and talent.

Hundreds of races won and crowned as the best WRC Rally driver of all time in a survey of fans and expert journalists. 

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

With so many competitions it is normal that there are mechanical failures, accidents and hundreds of situations that happen in the races. Carlos Sainz junior has so far a short but very fruitful career. Since 2019 he has been a member of the McLaren team and has signed with Ferrari for next year. I hope he has a professional career in Formula 1 similar to his father's (with the jinx included). Of course with bursts, breakdowns and different situations of the races, but with titles and recognitions.