Conspiracy theory about Payá's death, on the silver screen

The dissident's daughter makes an appeal against the impunity of the Cuban Regime
protestas cuba contra el gobierno


July 22nd of this year marks the 10th anniversary of the death of the Cuban dissident, Osvaldo Paya. The Consejería de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid (CAM) will host the premiere of the documentary "La verdad sobre el asesinado de Oswaldo Payá y Harold Cepero" (The truth about the assassination of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero) on Saturday 9th April. In a tribute to the life and legacy of Oswaldo Payá, this 10-minute film highlights all the available evidence that points to a "provoked incident and not an accident", according to the Human Rights Foundation. 

In an interview with ATALAYAR, Rosa María Payá (daughter of Oswaldo Payá) has stated categorically to this correspondent that the death of her father was an "attack by the State, perpetrated by the Security of the Cuban Regime against Osvaldo Payá". Rosa María has maintained that the traffic accident, as such, did not exist, but was a premeditated assassination by Cuban State Security, when one of the cars chasing the vehicle driven by the leader of the New Generations of the Popular Party (PP), Angel Carromero, (accompanied by the Swede Jens Aron, Payá and Cepero) rammed into it, causing the death of her father and Harold Cepero.

According to Rosa María Paya, the documentary will analyse the proven facts, witness statements and judicial proceedings surrounding the case, sufficiently argued to show that the Cuban regime is hiding an alleged crime it committed. "I want to expose the Castros, hence this call against the regime's impunity. Europeans must know the truth.

As part of the PAYÁ VIVE conference, which is taking place worldwide from 28 February to 22 July this year, organised Cubans from different European countries will meet to share initiatives with the European Parliament institutions and to continue the proposals presented through the Steps for Change platform. "We seek to coordinate the actions of the different Cuban associations throughout Europe; unity is strength", said Rosa María Payá.

According to Rosa María Payá, the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) has just registered a total of 232 citizen protests in different parts of the island, although they are not coordinated. Apparently, the mobilisations continue but they are trying to be hidden from world public opinion. "More than 1000 prisoners are being tortured and serving sentences of up to 18 years in prison for minors. The impunity with which they walk around the world is a constant feature of the regime.  According to the cases documented by OCDH, 9 percent of the convicts are women. Twenty-five percent are entrepreneurs. Twenty-six percent are under the age of 21; 35 percent are between 21 and 30; 21 percent are between 31 and 40; 10 percent are between 41 and 50; and 6 percent are between 51 and 60.

Oswaldo Payá's daughter wanted to denounce the fact that the latest report of the Hanke Annual Index 2020/2021 registers Cuba as the country with the most misery in the world, without forgetting that the Kremlin has forgiven the regime a debt of 2.2 billion dollars and that Cuba does not condemn Putin's atrocious actions in Ukraine. "The Cuban regime is a clear threat to Western democracies and we have the opportunity to denounce it now".

On the possible deployment of Russian troops on the island, Payá urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to expel Cuba in the same way as it has done with Russia, precisely because of the strategic-military alliance agreed between the two nations. "We cannot confirm that there are Russian troops on the island, but there are in Venezuela".