Diplomat Jorge Dezcallar presents 'Espía accidental', his first work of fiction, at the Three Cultures Foundation

Wednesday, 1 December at 19:00, with prior registration at


Career diplomat, first civilian director of the National Intelligence Centre, Spanish ambassador to destinations such as Morocco, the Holy See and the United States... Jorge Dezcallar de Marrazedo's career and his mastery in the field of diplomacy and geopolitics have served as a source of inspiration for his literary work, made up of two titles with important autobiographical connotations ('Valió la pena. Una vida entre diplomáticos y espías', from 2015, and 'El anticuario de Teherán', from 2018), which is now joined by 'Espía accidental' (La Esfera de los Libros), his first foray into novels, which he will present this 1 December at 19:00 at the Three Cultures Foundation.

The book narrates the adventures of Asís García Fernández, who, after serving in the Foreign Legion, receives an offer from the Spanish intelligence services to work with them in Damascus. Thus begins a story in which this accidental spy, as the title of the novel itself indicates, will have to use all the weapons at his disposal to succeed.

According to the author, this is a work of "pure fiction that uses the real drama of the war in Syria and the enmity between the State of Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran as a backdrop".

Jorge Dezcallar has chosen this scenario because of his extensive knowledge of it, as he has chosen a theme in which he feels comfortable, given his extensive experience and a background that "gives greater verisimilitude to the procedures" that are recounted.

"The world of the intelligence services is a world of shadows, and that means that the general public doesn't know what spies do. This novel tries to fill this gap and discover their honour", added the author.

In this presentation, which the Three Cultures Foundation is organising in collaboration with La Esfera de los Libros, Dezcallar will talk to the journalist Javier Fernández Arribas, director of the magazine Atalayar. Between two shores. The event will be followed by the signing of copies by the author.

To attend the presentation, prior registration is recommended via the Foundation's website: