Iberdrola is already three times Telefónica and four times bigger than Repsol

It is the only company that has made a clear commitment to decarbonisation and renewable energies, and has been doing so for 20 years
iberdrola-cumbre COP26


The Ibex 35 is not only a magnificent showcase for the ranking of the most important companies in our country in terms of capitalisation. The value of these companies exceeds their business figures and profits and has a very direct impact on society in various ways: creating and consolidating jobs, generating wealth through the payment of taxes and contributing value in their own right.  

In the case of Iberdrola, the second largest private electricity company in the world, it also serves as a driving force for progress in sustainability through its leadership in clean energy production. 

For a company with a market capitalisation of more than 65 billion euros, its competitors in the energy sector are condemned to live in its shadow, especially if the commitments currently being discussed at the Climate Summit on the future of the planet are taken on board. It is the only company that has made a clear commitment to decarbonisation and renewable energies, and has been doing so for 20 years.


The road to this point has run parallel to the strategy of its chairman, Ignacio Galán, to internationalise the business by expanding into countries with stable environments, multiplying its stock market value by up to five times. A roadmap that has consolidated the electricity company's leadership in Spain and has made it one of the most important companies on the Selective Stock Market, but it has also done so by treasuring in its logbook the most important chapters that have been written in the advance towards the production of clean energy within our borders.  

Along the way, Iberdrola has closed 17 coal and oil plants and has invested around 120,000 million euros. Looking to the future, and to consolidate its commitment to decarbonisation, Iberdrola will invest a further 150,000 euros over the next 10 years. 

In strictly economic terms, Iberdrola is almost 13% larger than Santander bank, around 40% larger than BBVA, three times the size of Telefónica and almost four times larger than Repsol, a competitor on the national energy scene, with the exception of the latter's clear commitment to fossil fuels.


Iberdrola's social contribution is as solid as its figures, which can be seen through its contribution to the Public Treasury, with a worldwide contribution of more than 7,475 million euros in 2020 alone. In this regard, the taxes paid in Spain by Iberdrola amounted to 3,380 million euros last year, yet another way in which the company's weight reverts directly to society, translating into the implementation of infrastructures and public services. 

More than 400,000 people work under the umbrella of the Iberdrola group around the world, including the employees it generates and its suppliers. These are men and women who already swell a powerful human contingent that aspires to reach 500,000 souls by 2030, further proof of the importance of the company as an economic vector within our borders and of its value as a Spanish brand beyond them.