Israel accuses Iran of attempted hacking of UN military mission in Lebanon

It is a cyber attack against the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL) to obtain information about its activities in the area
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Israel today accused Iran and the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah of attempting to carry out a cyber attack against the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Lebanon (UNIFIL) to obtain information about its activities in the area.
Israeli Defence Minister Beny Gantz said today that the Jewish state had detected "recent malicious activities carried out by Iranian security institutions in cooperation with Hezbollah".
It would be "an attempt to disrupt UNIFIL's operations in Lebanon" and "steal materials" with the goal of learning about "their actions and deployment in the area for use" by the Shiite militia, a close ally of Tehran.
"Iran operates through proxies such as Hezbollah in all dimensions, including cyber," Gantz added, speaking this morning at a series of lectures on the cyber sector at Tel Aviv University.
"This is another direct attack by Iran and Hezbollah on Lebanese citizens and the stability of Lebanon," said the defence minister, who remarked that Israel has extensive knowledge of "the cyber systems and methods of operation of its opponents".
Gantz also accused the Islamic Republic of attempting to carry out cyber attacks against Israel, other countries in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world in recent years.
Tehran "has attempted to conduct operations against international targets, including charities and government networks in the United States," as well as attempts to condition the US presidential election.
The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), the UN's instrument for preserving peace on the Lebanese-Israeli border, has more than 10,300 military personnel and patrols the so-called Blue Line, the UN demarcation between the two countries.
For their part, Iran and Israel are engaged in a covert war involving cyber-attacks, alleged assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and sabotage of ships, although neither country usually publicly acknowledges their actions.
According to media reports, a cyber-attack attributed to Israel recently shut down the production of steel materials by an Iranian state-owned company. This action was reportedly in retaliation for another alleged cyber attack by Iran that set off anti-aircraft sirens last week in the Israeli cities of Jerusalem and Eilat.
The Jewish state considers the Islamic Republic to be its main enemy, and for years has also been attacking Iranian military positions or those of allied militias in Syria to repel their presence in the region.