Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia on 15-16 July and meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The trip will include a visit to Israel and the West Bank, according to the White House
biden y bin salman


US President Joe Biden will finally travel to Saudi Arabia on 13-16 July and meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Riyadh confirmed on Tuesday.

The trip will also include a visit to Israel - Biden's first as president - and the West Bank, the White House said in a statement.

Although the US government has not yet officially acknowledged the meeting between the two leaders, several US media such as Axios and NBC confirmed that Biden and bin Salman will meet.

Until now, Joe Biden's administration had refused to confirm the president's visit to Saudi Arabia, although media outlets such as The Washington Post had already taken it for granted that it would take place in mid-summer.

According to the Arab country's Royal Court, on 16 July there will also be a joint summit convened by the Saudi monarch, Salman bin Abdulaziz, in which King Abdullah II of Jordan and the presidents of Egypt, Abdelfatah al Sisi, and Iraq, Barham Saleh, will also take part.

"During his trip to Saudi Arabia, the president will discuss a range of bilateral, regional and global issues," including support for the truce in Yemen and cooperation on economic, security and climate issues, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said in the statement.

Jean-Pierre made no mention of the current rise in oil prices, although many see the trip as an attempt by Biden's administration to bring Saudi Arabia, the world's leading oil producer, closer to the table at a time when sanctions against Russia are affecting the international market.