Lebanese protesters take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

More than 100 people have had to receive medical care because of ongoing clashes between police and protesters in the Lebanese capital
One policeman killed and 172 people injured during violent demonstrations in Beirut

PHOTO/ AFP  -   One policeman killed and 172 people injured during violent demonstrations in Beirut

About 170 people have had to receive medical attention so far as they were injured in various ways in the ongoing clashes between police and demonstrators in downtown Beirut, the Lebanese Red Cross reported.  According to the organization, 102 people were treated at the site of the riots in various parts of downtown Beirut, while 28 others had to be transferred to hospitals. 

The demonstration called "Judgment Day" today against the government and the political class drew thousands of people to the central Martyrs' Square, outraged by Tuesday's explosion in Beirut's port, which has so far left 158 dead and 6,000 injured. Some points of the rally soon became a point of confrontation as groups of demonstrators tried to force their way past the barriers protecting the nearby Parliament to storm it. 

The large riot control contingent deployed in front of the legislature responded to the action by throwing tear gas bombs at the demonstrators, who in turn threw stones at the uniformed personnel.  Local televisions have shown images of a group of demonstrators taking over the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, whose building was badly hit by last Tuesday's explosion. 

From there, the demonstrators have read proclamations and called for regime change, which they accuse of the situation in the country.  Last Tuesday's detonation has once again ignited the indignation of the Lebanese population, which took to the streets last October to protest against the country's ruling class. 

Lebanon is going through a very serious economic and political crisis which even the day before the explosion had led the previous foreign minister Nassif Hitti to resign, claiming that the country was heading towards being a failed state.