Madrid boosts international business for Spanish companies with the 'Internationalisation Week 2022'

IMEX is the first and most important international business and foreign trade fair held in Spain
‘Feria IMEX-Madrid. Semana de la Internacionalización 2022’


The 20th edition of the 'IMEX-Madrid Fair. Week of Internationalisation 2022' will take place in person from 18 to 22 April 2022 in the Spanish capital.

During the 'Internationalisation Week 2022', Madrid will become the epicentre of international business for Spanish companies that want to expand their businesses in foreign markets. This time, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of IMEX, there will be two important novelties in the development and content of the event. The current challenges facing the export sector will be analysed, with an emphasis on the importance of incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for internationalisation into the business fabric in order to create a sustainable internationalisation route. Contents such as the current situation of Latin America for trade and business investment, investment in Africa, concepts and financial, logistics, tourism, digitisation and digital transformation sectors, European funds and business partnerships for internationalisation will be addressed, along with two core contents: IMPULSO AFRICA and the SDGs for business internationalisation.

On 18 April, the headquarters of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in the Spanish capital will host in its auditorium the inauguration and presentation of the 'Internationalisation Week', together with a round table on business development on the African continent. On 19 and 20 April, the Fair will be held at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid. There will be an exhibition area and B2B face-to-face meetings, round tables and conferences on investment opportunities in various important African countries such as Morocco and Tunisia. Meanwhile, on the 21st the CEOE will host round tables on investment in Latin America and on Friday 22nd in the hall of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Madrid will address the investment of European Funds and the internationalisation of SMEs and the conclusions of the 'Internationalisation Week'. la Internacionalización’.imex

IMEX will once again have the organisational support of the main Spanish administrations and the collaboration of the rest of the actors that ensure the competitiveness of companies in the development of their international business.

IMPULSO AFRICA and the SDGs for business internationalisation will be the most important core contents of the 'Internationalisation Week 2022'.

With regard to the first, IMPULSO AFRICA, a major event will be held on the business connection between Spain and the African continent. To this end, it has been considered very important to arouse the interest of the largest number of countries on the continent, their government and business structures, in order to achieve a large attendance of African countries, in person, at 'IMEX-Madrid 2022'.

It has also been considered to try to involve all those organisations and institutions that are relevant to business development in Africa.

With regard to the SDGs for business internationalisation, IMEX and Moneda Única have made a new commitment that will be materialised by showing, on a permanent basis, the importance of compliance with the SDGs by internationalised companies (or companies in the process of internationalisation) in their different departments, regardless of their size or sector. IMEX will convey to Spanish entrepreneurs the importance of the actions included in the actions aimed at International Cooperation; the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Action Plan for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda; Public-Private Partnerships for Development (PPPD).

Objectives of IMPULSO AFRICA

The proposal formulated by IMEX to the African countries that wish to participate in IMPULSO AFRICA includes direct participation in the 'Internationalisation Week 2022' and the presence at the 'IMEX-Madrid 2022 Fair'. The aim is to give a wide visibility to each participating African country and the following points are highly valued for the development of the action in IMEX:

  • IMEX is the ideal place to present the most extensive and detailed information on the country's actions and business opportunities (trade and investment); identification of opportunities.
  • To make real contacts with Spanish companies interested in developing their business in the African country, trying to facilitate, as far as possible, the contacts for this purpose.
  • Analyse and anticipate possible difficulties in the development of business in the country and take advantage of the specific and concrete advantages of each African country.
  • Facilitate bilateral contact with Spanish public and private organisations that promote the development of business with African countries and that seek to find possible strategic partners or collaborators (suppliers, subcontractors, representatives, importers or distributors).
  • To meet with entrepreneurs who are seeking to develop their organisations in the African country.
  • Share, together with Spanish companies already established in the African country, their successful experiences, those that succeed in the African country of destination and that will serve as an example for other Spanish companies in their development in that African country.
  • Knowledge and assessment of the tools at the service of business development and the study of new collaboration, cooperation and partnership techniques in each African country.
  • Participate in unique conferences given by experts and protagonists of the African country; these can be the best guide in the development of bilateral business.
  • Possibility of planning some kind of meeting with representatives of the country's government, its business structures and entrepreneurs who could study a joint trade mission at IMEX 2022.

IMEX is thus the first and most important international business and foreign trade fair to be held in Spain.

The event has had a strong presence in a large part of Spain and has already held 19 editions in Madrid, 8 in Andalusia, 6 in Catalonia, 5 in the Valencian Community, 4 in Castilla-La Mancha and 2 in Asturias.imex

Inaugurated in 2003, it works to improve the competitiveness of SMEs through an effective and innovative offer of products and services necessary to promote the internationalisation of companies. Its attraction lies in the fact that it offers visitors the chance to improve business productivity in international markets. At IMEX, internationalisation is understood as the optimisation of investments, purchases and sales in the new scenarios of the global market.

Public administrations and private organisations, financial institutions and companies directly or indirectly involved in foreign business take part.

IMEX is also a place to do business, make professional contacts and find new partners. It is the scenario in which all the necessary agents participate so that SMEs can successfully internationalise. 

The Fair is made up of three parts: Exhibition Area; Conferences and Round Tables and Country Interviews.

Exhibition Area

The objective of the stands is to provide a meeting point with clients and visitors, as well as to attend and inform business people and attendees.

IMEX brings together financial services companies, consultancy firms, business associations, technology, administration and services, which meet in the exhibition area, which in the next edition will be joined by representatives of the countries that wish to attend, on this occasion with a special display of the countries of the African continent.

Conferences and Round Tables

IMEX is also a forum for debate and knowledge about the world of business internationalisation and foreign business. Round tables, conferences, presentations at the stands and a full panel of experts ready to transmit the most relevant information to interested business people.imex

Interviews with countries

The fair offers visitors the opportunity to shorten distances and access the most direct and precise information on each country by setting up an area for interviews with advisors. Dozens of countries are represented at IMEX and the agendas with commercial representatives have reached over a hundred.